Friday, April 23, 2010


There are plenty of hard moments in our lives.  And there are a few precious, super-special moments in life.  But there are also lots of just plain nice, comfortable, lovely little moments that we should probably appreciate more.  Like right now.  Oliver has been sitting on my lap as I get Power of Moms stuff done and reply to emails.  He just wanted to sit with me.  I stopped to rock him for a minute and chat.  I love how he's still small enough to fit nicely on my lap and in my arms.  Here's the conversation we had:

Me: When you're a daddy, do you think you'll still come sit on my lap and let me rock you?

Oliver: Wew, when I'm a daddy, I pwobwy won't be in this family anymore.

Me: You'll always be in my family because you're my kid forever and ever and I love you – but you'll probably live in a different house and come see me sometimes just like we go visit Grammie. And I'll give
YOUR little kids hugs and treats just like Grammie does.

Oliver: Treats? When is it going to be Halloween?

Me: Not for a really long time. Halloween is far away.

Oliver: Is Halloween in a different city?

Me: No, I meant far away in TIME – it will be a long time until Halloween.

Oliver: Wew, where's the moon right now?

Me: It went down for the day. You can see it from the other side of the world but not this side right now.

Oliver: So is it night in another city now?

Me: Yep

Oliver: (really excited) Oh, I was thinking that all day – I just knew it!

Me: How did you know that?

Oliver: I just thought of it in my mind and it was true. Oh!  I can see the clouds out the window behind us right in the computer screen - can you see them too?  That's cool, huh?  (then he leaned back and gave me a kiss on the cheek.)

Nothing earth-shattering or super-special.  Just nice.  Really really nice.

I don't take the time to really drink in and enjoy these little moments as much as I should.  I can change that. 


Allyson said...

So adorable!

Eyrealm said...

How very precious! Love how those little minds work! It was so great to be with your for a few minutes yesterday. Thanks for the lovely cards and TLC!

Kristine said...

I love how kids often say whatever they are thinking. And I love how he jumped around from treats to Grammie to Halloween to the moon. He is a pretty smart kid!

A few years ago I got a small digital voice recorder that I would carry around in my pocket. I discreetly recorded lots of things my kids would say. Whenever they see the video camera they act differently and I wanted to capture their true self. I usually recorded them when they got their turn to be held at bedtime or when they said a family prayer. My memory isn't quite as good as yours so I don't always remember the sequence of the conversation and this helped me. I love that you have committed some of these things to writing. I really should do that more and I need to find that recorder again...

brittanimae said...

I love that conversation so much that I'm tempted to try to recreate it exactly with one of my kids (I'm not particular, any of them would be nice). Seriously, I'm going to be thinking of this and laughing next week!!


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