Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nice People

Today at Walmart I lucked out.  I got the nicest check-out lady ever.  She didn't just stand out as nice because she was at Walmart and at our Walmart, grumpy checkout people is the norm.  She would have stood out anywhere.  She didn't say anything all that special - but she just seemed genuinely happy and helpful and kind.  She enthusiastically asked how my shopping went and actually seemed to want to know.  She pointed out how cute the shirt was that I found for Eliza and how glad she was for me that I found something so cute for such a good deal ($3!).  She expressed heartfelt excitement about the rain and how beautiful it makes everything (this is probably about the greenest spring St George has ever experienced - it really is so extra pretty here right now).  I must admit, my jaded self jumped to the conclusion that she must be new - Walmart would beat the sunniness out of her soon enough.  But my optimistic self quickly countered with the idea that this woman was just plain nice and that she'd be nice in any circumstance.  I left Walmart feeling really good about life.

Then I picked up the twins from preschool and was in such a good mood, I gave into their desire to go to the Family Center (do you have one near you?  I love the place - there are all these great educational games, toys and books that you can check out for a week at a time).  The twins LOVE going there - and it's not just because the promise of new toys and games and books every week is pretty exciting.  I think one of the reasons they love going there is that the lady that works there is just so NICE.  She really listens when the twins want to tell her about the things they're checking out and what's great about them.  She looks right in their faces and listens and makes thoughtful comments.  Not a lot of grown-ups do that when little kids talk to them.  She always remembers my name (even though I haven't been in there forever - life has been pretty busy).  She always looks so genuinely pleased to see us.  And when we're late bringing something back (yes, it happens more than I care to say), she calls and says something so nice like "I bet you've been really busy and just haven't had a chance to bring those things back so I went ahead and renewed them for you."  I like her a lot - and that's probably because she seems to really like us.  After leaving there today, the twins and I decided we're going to make a thank-you note for her.

Then we went to the bank to make some deposits.  The twins LOVE the bank because there are lollipops there plus there's one of those doors you can open with a button right at their height (perfect for people in wheel chairs and for 5-year-olds).  As I tried to total up the checks I was turning in, the twins devoured their  lollipops, asked for more, played with the automatic door, and messed around with the gumball machine, hoping for a stray gumball to maybe come out.  These little guys of mine have to touch everything, don't hold still and, well, they're just generally exuberant.  Some people don't see to appreciate their enthusiasm all that much.  I felt stressed out about what they were doing as I was trying to add up the checks (I'm not so great with numbers - I really have to concentrate on these things...).  I looked up at the lady behind the counter and was relieved to see that she was watching the twins with a smile on her face.  She said, "When you're their age, automatic doors and candy are so exciting, aren't they?  Your boys are just so cute - look at that beautiful hair of theirs!  You're so lucky to have them."  I agreed and we shared a great little moment watching these sweet boys of mine.

Thank you nice people.  Thank you so much.  I want to be more like you.  And I will thank you more often. You should know that you make a difference - a big difference.

Have you read a book called "Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed" with your kids?  You should.  It's all about how one little good deed can create ripple effects that go on and on and on.  It's a true book.  And there's a great website to go with it here.

Plus I was just looking for a photo to spice up this post a bit and stumbled upon a blog that I love - it's all about celebrating niceness - check it out here:


Jonah and Aja said...

Nice work on the new blog layout!
And the nice person of the week blog too.

Emily Pearson said...

What a great post! Thank you so much for the great shout out for my book "Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed." When you get a sec - check out the website and the Extraordinary Deeds Program that is helping classrooms, church groups, families, neighborhoods... make the world a better place to be. Thank you for obviously being someone that makes the world beautiful. :-)


shawni said...

Sar, I just want to say that you are very "nice" too. And I love you with all my heart. Thanks for being you, and for being my example (and an example to so many others) in so many things.

Love, Shawni

April said...

Love your new blog,, Saren! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us all.

Eyrealm said...

I love the new pics too! Doesn't it just make your day when someone is genuinely nice! I can still remember a lady a Kmart that inspired me to try to be nicer to people and even made me want to go back to see if she was still there!


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