Sunday, May 09, 2010

Saren is One Terrific Mom

Actually, it isn’t Saren who wrote that. It’s Jared and the kids and we wanted to let the world know what a great Mom Saren is.
IMG_1435 First, from the time that I first knew her, Saren always looked forward to motherhood. She obviously had a tremendous mother (and grandmothers) and was anxious to nurture kids as well as she was taught growing up. Saren from the beginning of our marriage has always wanted to talk about parenting styles and what our hopes and dreams were for our kids.

Saren can mesmerize the kids for hours with stories of her life, her ancestors lives, or any other great story. Whenever Saren is reading a book, she is always filling the kids in on the story line during breakfast or when they have a moment in the car together. I can’t tell you how many times the kids have all asked her to go read some more of her book so she can fill them in on the rest of the story. And she loves reading to them as well. They all have a love of reading and it definitely comes from her.

I can go on and on about Saren, but I’ll let the kids go on and on about her. Over the past week, I have been quizzing the kids about the things they love about their mom and I just thought I’d list a few of them here (in no particular order):
  • She makes really good food that's good for us and yummy
  • She reads the scriptures to us
  • She plays with us
  • She gives us hugs and kisses
  • She takes care of me
  • I love when she makes enchiladas (these kids are good eaters…they went on about lots of things Saren makes)
  • She makes our house look really good
  • She lets me watch TV (a rarity around here, so it’s a big treat for the kids)
  • She lets me play Starfall (a phonics game for the twins)
  • She lets me turn on the popcorn popper (we love the weekly movie night and popcorn tradition)
  • She helps me earn puzzles and Transformers (the twins have loved having goal charts they can fill in when ever they do little jobs around the house to earn the things they want to buy)
  • She brushes my hair so I can look good
  • She always takes pictures of me when I do things
  • She makes sure that I have my lunch for school
  • She helps me with my homework
  • She learned Spanish so she can help me with my homework (the kids go to a dual immersion school)
  • She helps a lot of other moms
  • She teaches in my class (Saren volunteers in the kids' classrooms each week)
  • She takes me on mommy dates (a prize to have some one on one time with mom…usually to run some errands, but all the kids yearn for that)
  • She helps me learn about cheese (often when the kids ask a question about something, she heads to Youtube and they watch a little documentary about making cheese, how cars are made, constructing buildings, or whatever the question may be)
  • She makes great cookies
  • She taught me how to cook
  • She reads us really good chapter books at bedtime (big kids)
  • She lets us pick lots of books for story time (twins)
We love Saren and are proud of everything she does not only for our family, but for all the other mothers of the world through The Power of Moms and her work in church and the community. Have a great Mother’s Day!

Your adoring family

p.s. Thanks to my brother-in-law Dave for giving me the blog hijacking idea


shawni said...

I second all that great stuff about Sar. She is so amazing with those kids. I love to watch her get down on their eye level to explain things to them. Love you Sar! (and I love your family too!)

Sarah said...

I love this peek at this amazing mother and wife! She sure is an inspiration to all of us!

Eyrealm said...

What a GREAT idea Jared (and Dave). I so agree with all the things you said. She is one great mama! Plus she has decided to try to help and inspire other moms as her second full-time job! We love that woman!

Anita and Tal said...

Nice call Jared.

Cath said...

This is so tender. You have no idea how you're making an impact sometimes. Look at all those things you are doing for your children! Precious! So precious. Happy Mother's Day Saren!


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