Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rules You Never Imagined You'd Have to Make

I just got a great email from my sister-in-law, Kristi. Here's what she wrote:

I left the kids (McKay, 4, and Lyla, almost 2) for one minute to go feed the baby in the bedroom and as I sat down, I heard McKay screaming "Ah Mom! Lyla's eating the mouse trap!"

Me: "Oh shoot!! McKay please take the mouse trap from her!"

Lyla: screaming bloody murder, "Mine, mine, mine!"

Mckay: "No no Lyla. We don't eat the mouse traps. It will pinch you really hard!"

Great moment, huh?

As a mom, I've had to declare a lot of things off limits that I never would have imagined! "We don't eat mousetraps" hasn't made my list yet - but here are a few "rules" I've had to make on the fly:
  • "It's not OK to try to flatten your brother's head by smooshing it into the ground" (I just had to say this a minute ago)
  • "We don't try to walk on ledges with our eyes closed to see what it feels like" (or you just might end up with stitches in your chin - Oliver found out the hard way)
  • "We don't say awesome things are dumb" (Silas just asked me to declare this rule in response to Oliver's response to something)
  • "It's not allowed to do flips on the beanbags in the TV room when you have friends over because they could try to do it and break their necks." 
  • "We don't eat things off the floor when we don't even know what they are." (I tried "we don't eat things off the floor" but that just wasn't realistic...) 
  • "It's not OK to dump out all the pinto beans in the pantry."
  • "Do not use Vaseline as furniture polish (especially on upholstered furniture)."
I do try not to say "NO" too often (read this great article about saying yes). And I try to explain the "no's" as much as possible. But what's obviously not OK to an adult, is often quite obviously fun and fine to a child. So the new rules and "no's" and explanations must go on!

What are some of the crazy "rules" you've had to make with your kids?


Sleepless In St. George said...

This year while teaching preschool I had to make a new rule: You must look at your paper while coloring! The other one was "don't lick rocks". Two things I never thought I would say!

Hilary said...

I ALL THE TIME am having things come out of my mouth.
Personal favorite, "we don't use our urine like lightsabers"
It's true.

Myrnie said...

Not original, but "Use your eyes more than your mouth" and "Use your ears more than your mouth" are frequent players around here.

Eyrealm said...

Ahhh! How well I remember!

shawni said...

pretty funny stuff.

Sarah said...

Oh, I LOVE this!


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