Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few Last Images of Bear Lake

Today's the last day here.  We've been cleaning and packing and now my dad is watching all our kids so that my sisters and I can edit a new book that he and my mom are trying to finish.

Ashton's been crying about leaving (and he doesn't cry about much).  We're all feeling a bit sad to leave this precious time and place and move on.  But we've got several more fun and exciting stops before we sleep in our own beds again (that will feed good).  I'm presenting at BYUI Education week today through Saturday so we all get to spend a little more time at the Loosli farm while I do that (and I just found out that a couple of my dear sisters are going to come to part of Education Week with me so that they can celebrate my birthday with me - it'll be so fun to have them at the Farm and enjoy some great classes with them when I'm not presenting).  Then we'll be in SLC for a couple days so that we can take the twins in for an appointment with a pediatric orthapedic specialist (their "tip toe problem" - as they call it - is getting worse and worse and it's looking like they'll need surgery to lengthen their Achilles tendons).  THEN we'll head home.

So to close this chapter on Bear Lake, here are a few last favorite photos:
Great times in the old boat
Serious fun on the new GTX (the old one split in half on a particularly crazy ride)

We bought this old jet-ski and it's so perfect for kids - it can't go very fast but they think it's awesome
Loved all the hanging out and reading and chatting on the beach

The little boys and I worked hard on a sand castle and they were so excited about it
These little 4 and 5 year old's enjoyed each other SO much this year!
The kids got really into face painting this year (this is Isaac and Shawni's daughter Grace)
Eliza had a great time doing "school" for the younger kids - this girl of mine is such a good little teacher
My mom brought back all these gorgeous costumes from India and the girls had so much fun dressing up and dancing to Indian music
We all celebrated Isaac's birthday together - he's NINE!  I celebrated my ninth birthday here as well - full circle.
The big birthday party - we could only find one candle!  Isaac basked in extra attention and extra privileges all day.  All his cousins set up a fun treasure hunt for him (headed by Ashton), Eliza had all of them make cute cards for him, and he had all his favorite foods and lots of fun games and presents.

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Eyrealm said...

Love it Saren! It just became your birthday a few minutes ago. I have a feeling you're going to have a GREAT birthday. We all love you so much and are so proud of all that you've accomplished by this big birthday!


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