Friday, August 06, 2010

The Beauty of Hard Work (and its rewards)

After working hard for over 6 months, Ashton earned enough money to buy the Lego Mindstorm he's been drooling over for ages.  The thing cost almost $300.  He saved all his Christmas and birthday money and did tons of chores around the house plus dog walking and every other random job anyone would throw his way (he made these great "10-year-old for hire" fliers and passed them out around the neighborhood).  He shopped the Internet carefully to find the very best deal.  Then last night, the cherished item arrived on our doorstep!  Oh joy!

There's nothing like getting something you really really want after working really really hard for it! (see proud brother Isaac looking on - sorry I didn't get him in the photo better...)

Ashton's already built several different robots with the set (one that senses colors, one that shoots balls...seriously cool stuff) and all the kids have been totally engrossed in watching him work.  He's been very generous to involve his siblings (while being very protective of every little piece - amazing how well you take care of things you really feel ownership of).  I'm amazed at the complex electronic things this kid of mine can somehow figure out how to build.  He's definitely got a big piece of his dad's engineering prowess in him.

We're all so excited and happy for Ashton.

To read a post on Ashton's blog on how he feels about working for what he wants, click here.


why Egypt ? said...

wow , nice rebots

Eyrealm said...

Hallelujia! Congratulations Ashton! We're so excited for you. Can't wait to see your creations!

Glenn and Natalie said...

This is so cool! Well done Ashton! I shared this post with my kids and we decided to set up a list of odd jobs so they can earn money and save for something special. Thanks for the inspiration:)!

Tiffany said...

That's wonderful that he kept his focus on that item. It would have been so easy to find other things to spend money on along the way. What great discipline and hard work! He must learn it from somewhere... What a proud accomplishment for Ashton and parents.

Eva said...

Hey Saren, this is so great about Ashton loving this product. When Ad and I lived in England we went to a educational conference given by the creator of Mindstorms the lego game. Seymour Papert. He was such a nice and friendly man. His brother Alan Papert lives in our town and is a great friend to you family.
Obicham te,


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