Friday, September 24, 2010

Report on an Amazing Weekend - and Special Offer

Since I'm working on simplifying and since April wrote up a fabulous re-cap of our California Retreat with lots of great photos, I'm just going to send you to her blog to get the full story on our wonderful time together:

Photos and full report on Power of Moms California Retreat

And another great attendee, Erin wrote this report on her blog (more great photos)

We've still got a few spots at our New Hampshire Retreat October 22-23.  Come!  Sure, it can be a challenge to find childcare for the time you're gone and arrange travel.  Sure, it's not super cheap.  But according to every attendee who's ever come to a Retreat (including me - even with all the work it involves on my end) - a Retreat is worth every effort and every penny.  You can't put a price tag on getting the ideas, support and recharging that you need to be the mom and person your heart yearns to be.  Why is it that we prioritize $400 for a kid to go to soccer camp or participate in meaningful extracurriculars - but we feel selfish spending $400 to send ourselves to a Retreat?  Going to a Retreat is actually a solid investment in your family.  Like the MasterCard commercials say:
- airline ticket - $200
- Retreat registration - $400
- A happier mom with a happier family - priceless

And hey, just to make things a bit easier on the financial side, I've set up a special "friends and family" discount for the Retreat.  Click HERE.


Erin said...

I loved everything you spoke about at the retreat Saren! I've just been going over my notes today. :) Thanks so much for all you did to make this happen!

Sarah said...

interested in learning circle program, are you still offering it for free? also, noticed in your blog, your move to Ogden,South Weber (at the mouth of Weber Canyon) would be my first choice, we know many families who love living there, close to Ogden, yet close to SLC too. Good Luck, Coke aCola Factory in SLC has great boxes for free.


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