Monday, September 20, 2010

twin to twin love transfusions?

My sweet little Silas is the most loving little guy imaginable.  Dozens of times a day, he throws his little arms around my legs (often almost tripping me) and says "I love you SO much, Mommy" as he looks up at me with his beautiful light blue eyes so full of love.  He does have a little habit of following up some of his "I love you so much's" with something like "can I have a cookie?"  So there is a slight ulterior motive going on sometimes...

Oliver's very loving too - and does give lots of hugs and "I love you's."  But he's more likely to show his love by asking me to come play with him and wanting to have conversations with me.

Anyway, as we were eating dinner the other day, Isaac said, "Mommy, you know how Ollie has that little hole in his heart?  (he has a super tiny hole between two of the chambers of his heart - he has an ultrasound each year to monitor it but they say it should never give him any trouble at all)  Do you think that maybe that missing part of Ollie's heart got attached to Si's heart while they were growing in your tummy and that's why Silas is so extra loving?"

I love how little kids put things together in their minds!

Ashton piped up with "You know, Isaac, you don't really feel feelings with your heart - feelings are really in the brain but the Egyptians thought that the brain was for pumping blood and the heart was where you did your thinking...." (is that true?  I'll have to look it up.)

I assured them that Oliver and Silas each have plenty of love going on and they just express it in their own ways.  And Oliver's hole in his heart can't hurt his ability to express love one bit.

Oh, I'm so grateful for such these beautiful, loving children of mine!  I feel all the more love for them after missing them while I was in CA doing a Retreat this past weekend.  I learned lots of great new stuff there about Love Languages and I'm seeing my children and their unique needs when it comes to love - as well as my own love needs - in a whole new light.  There's nothing like a Retreat to freshen up your perspectives on lots of important things and offer you concrete ideas to help you become the mom you really want to be.  I love being so full of fresh ideas and love for my family.

I'll leave a more full report on the Retreat for another post when I've got some photos to share and I'm not so tired but I have to say WOW - we had a wonderful weekend with an amazing group of women!  I'm exhausted after driving 13 hours round trip to CA and presenting and talking for 2 straight days while gathering in so many excellent new ideas from all my new friends - but it was SO worthwhile and I'm excited to do it all again at the Retreat in New Hampshire in a month!


richard said...

truly a beautiful post

Eyrealm said...

That cute Isaac! What a thought!Love it! Call me in the morning. I have a fun story to tell you about Ashton!


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