Thursday, October 07, 2010

I like being me

So I got back from Vegas to find my three younger kids cuter than ever.  Nothing like getting away to make everyone appreciate each other more!

I loved hearing Oliver say in his prayers tonight, "Thanks that Grammie and Grandfadder could be with us and thanks EXTRA much that Mommy can be home."  Nice to be needed.  Very nice.

Eliza had worked with the twins on a little "show" while I was gone and they all wanted me to video it and put it up on my blog.  So here it is. 


Cath said...

I am smiling SO big. They are darling! And I'm so glad you were welcomed home with wide arms!

Eyrealm said...

So fun to see this since we missed it while we were gone. Adorable kids!

Patty Ann said...

What a great idea they had!! What a memory!

shawni said...

wow, those guys are quite the singers.

Charity said...

that is soooo cute!!!


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