Monday, January 10, 2011


OK so it's late and I've got to keep up on my routine resolutions but I wanted to just say one thing (to keep up with my blog-writing resolutions).

It's cold here.  It's really really really cold here.  I like Odgen - I really do.  And I love our new old house.  And this is really feeling like home.  And I do like the coziness of being inside on a cold day and the snow is very pretty (when it's fresh).  But after tons of gray skies and temperatures that have mostly been in the teens, I'm feeling just a tad bit nostalgic for good old St George.  Oh, the skies are so blue there!  And it's warm there! I think maybe we'll go back and visit this weekend.  We'll see.

Here's what I used to see out my window every day (view from the back balcony):

Now I see this (view from our bedroom):

Pretty big contrast, huh?


Patty Ann said...

Beautiful view and contrast. Looks like a wonderful place to raise your family to me.

shawni said...

Looks cold but I love how you just make the best of every situation. Sure love yoU!

brittanimae said...

Ha! I think I'm living in about the same climate you are, here in Indiana, only we moved here from Saskatchewan where people started cheering every time we got up to "single digit" (negative) temperatures for more than a day or two at a time. To us this "cold" is practically tropical.

So, take home message: don't ever, ever move to Saskatchewan!! I'm kidding, good luck adjusting to the cold. And be glad it will melt before May!

Eyrealm said...

I like both views...espcially when it's summer!


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