Monday, January 24, 2011

Trains and Discoveries

Last week it was warm.  Well, warmish I should say. It was like 40 degrees and that felt great.  So when I picked up the kids from school one day, we decided to stop by the Union Station downtown where they have all these old trains on display.  As we drove around Ogden for the first time several months ago, we saw the old trains and the twins declared that they really wanted to move to Ogden so they could live near these trains.  Isaac wanted to move here for the snow.  Ashton wanted to move here for iFLY (the indoor sky diving he did for his birthday).  Eliza said she was going to hide and not move here no matter what until she met and immediately clicked with some little girls down the street.  I wanted to move here solely to get my husband back - and then we found this house and my heart went out to it.  The twins wanted to move here for the trains.  So it was about time to visit them.

Turns out there's lots of great stuff there at that old train station.  We checked out all the trains and the kids were delighted that they could climb right up on lots of them.  We learned about the different sorts of engines and train cars.  We went in and they had this park service place with tons of great information on great outdoor stuff to do around here - the lady there got us all excited about visiting Antelope Island where there's a heard of buffalo and lots of bike trails and beaches where you can go floating in the Great Salt Lake - when it gets warm (I grew up in Salt Lake most of the time and somehow have never been in it) plus she told us about tons of great hiking trails all over this area.  We checked out the beautiful murals and listened to the echoes as we talked in the big old waiting room of the station - so empty now but you can easily imagine the place swarming with people coming and going long ago.  We found that there's a nice art gallery and a great train museum in there too that we'll visit soon.

I love discovering new places with these great kids of mine.  And I'm so excited that we keep finding out more great things about Odgen.  When you move to a place you know very little about and have very few expectations, there are great surprises around every corner!

In general, limited expectations lead to a lot more happy surprises and a lot less disappointment.  I'm working on this.  And Ogden is helping me out.

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Patty Ann said...

Oh, you have to go out to the island!! We have taken our kids there several times and it is one of our favorite places. This time of year, you won't be able to swim, but you can picnic and go and see the buffalo. There are some wonderful hiking trails all over the island and it is so beautiful. My favorite time to go is in the spring. We try and make it up to Utah every couple of years and usually manage to make it out to the island.


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