Friday, February 04, 2011

Cool to be Cold

We spent last Saturday in downtown Ogden tubing, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, and watching snow mobile drag racing and this crazy sport called "skijoring" where horses pull people on skis over jumps (sort of like waterskiing but a the boat is a horse and falling seems quite a bit more dangerous).  It was pretty darn awesome.

For "Winter Fest"  in downtown Odgen, they packed the main streets downtown with huge amounts of snow brought in from all over.  On a hilly part of the street (right near out house), they made a tubing hill complete with fun jumps and an area for people to try out cross country skiing and snow shoeing plus these really fun snow bikes and snow scooters (and it was all free).  They used the flatter streets for the snow mobile racing and skijoring and human dog sled racing (we missed out on that - we'll catch it next year).  There were all sorts of food stands and barrels of fire for warming up on each corner.  It was seriously such a fun festival!  And we could walk there from our house.  Love that. 
That's Jared and Eliza on the tube (Jared in a black and yellow jacked, Liza with a pink hat)
Ollie was excited that the snow shoes strapped on over his casts, no problem.
Yet another reason we're glad to be in Ogden.  This place is cool - not just plain cold like it seemed at first.

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