Saturday, March 05, 2011

What a week!

Like I said in this post a while back, I've accepted that my life is going to be crazy busy quite a bit.  I'm really OK with that.  And I'm so grateful for a full life.  But wow, some weeks really wear me out!

This week we had Ashton's school talent show (he did great on the guitar), three book reports to help kids complete (they turned out pretty decent in the end but our kids could really work on letting us know about assignments a little further in advance!), a high school reunion luncheon for me in SLC, a great surprise visit from an old mission companion, a visit from my parents (they wanted to spend time with Liza since sadly, they'll have to miss her baptism tomorrow), physical therapy for the twins (Silas is doing great but Oliver needs a lot more therapy to get his right foot functioning properly), basketball practices and the exciting project of putting up a new basketball hoop in the backyard that Jared and the kids have been working on quite a bit this week, me rounding up and teaching the cub scouts (my new calling), getting Ashton to scouts and Liza to dance class and Activity Days at church...

All of these things wouldn't feel like that much - but when you combine that stuff with the fact that both Jared and I have been working like crazy on the new Power of Moms website during every free daytime moment and late into the nights - plus the fact that I've had lots to do on the upcoming Power of Moms Retreat in April - it adds up to a LOT.

The new website is going to be awesome and we're so anxious to get it up - we're so close!  But wow, websites eat up 100's of hours and there are plenty of dumb bugs that pop up and tedious stuff that you just have to plow through.  I'm SO grateful for a web-savvy and willing husband who has done wonders for us and for my amazing parter April who has also put in 100's of hours on all this. Plus we've got some great volunteers who've helped a ton. If I didn't love the cause I'm working for and love the people I'm working with so much, this really wouldn't work out - it would just be too much.

The laundry's piled up.  The meals have been very basic.  The house is not very clean (to say the least).  But we're getting close on the website, our Retreat in April is officially full (and we've had reporters and big bloggers and even the Utah Young Mother of the Year register - so fun to see the momentum with this!).  And most importantly, the kids are happy and we're mostly ready for Eliza's big baptism day tomorrow (or we will be after a couple hours of cooking and cleaning tomorrow morning - we've got about 50 friends and family members who'll be joining us for this very special event and for a dinner at our house afterwards).

Why am I even taking the time to write this?  I should be sleeping and I will be in a couple minutes.  But writing stuff like this down makes me realize I have a very good life and I AM accomplishing things - even though I often feel like I'm just spinning my wheels when I'm in the midst of it all.  Plus some day, I'll want to remember what life was like during this fleeting stage...

On another note, my mom just did a post with photos of the Rising Star event Jared and I got to go to a couple weeks ago with my parents and some other fun stuff we've done with them lately - so check out her post HERE for details (seriously, Sean Bradley is TALL - see how he makes the rest of us look like shrimps...)


Allyson said...

You're nuts! :D

Eyrealm said...

I'm so sorry that we aren't there today. What a week!

Jennifer Knight said...

Anyone who can't make it to the Utah retreat is more than welcome to go to the Ventura retreat! :)

shawni said...

Wow Sar, I'm sure thinking of you guys today iwth that big baptism! We'll call but give Eliza a big hug from us! Love you.


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