Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Seattle

So we thought we'd get all the way to Jonah and Aja's house in Washington state on Monday but we got a bit of a late start. By the time we got to Yakima, we were pretty tired. As we drove, I was emailing back and forth with one of our new Power of Moms Trainers who'd just been at our Park City Retreat and in glancing over her information, I realized she lived in Yakima. She invited us to spend the night at her house and with a car full of cranky kids and our droopy eyelids, we took her up on the offer. It was so fun to get to know Kelly's family and our kids enjoyed playing together so much. Always fun to make new friends!

Tuesday morning, we headed to Seattle and had a great couple hours there. As we came through a tunnel and Seattle came into view, Ashton had “Hello Seattle” by Owl City all cued up to start blasting and it was perfect to come into the city with all the kids dancing around in their seats to the song. I've got some fun kids.

Here's some of what we saw in Seattle. Aja emailed us a perfect little walking tour of some of the most fun sites. Such a great city.

The Gum Wall.  Wow - that's a lot of gum.  Who thought of this?  
And how did it grow in size and fame?  So interesting.  Sort of gross.  But quite artistic.

I love the snippets of human creativity tucked into the spaces of great cities.

 Riding the pig at the entrance of Pike Place Market

 We loved the beautiful flowers and vegetables in that market

Then we got on the Bainbridge Ferry to head towards Jonah and Aja's house. The ferry ride was beautiful – the views of Seattle were spectacular. The kids were soooooo excited about driving our car onto a boat and when we got to Bainbridge, one of the ferry workers let them help tie up the ferry and prepare to get all the cars off which was a huge bonus.

After the ferry ride, we had a beautiful drive to Jonah and Aja's house near Port Angeles (and Forks – yes, they live right in the middle of where Twilight was set...).  Adventures with Jo and Aja in the next post!


Cath said...

Your trip looks like it was spectacular! I love all the photos. Yes, they live in a beautiful place. So glad you got away!

Eyrealm said...

How fun to see this! Trust Ashton to include "Owl City"!


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