Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Blogs?

When Studio 5 featured Power of Moms as one of the top blogs/websites for moms, that got me going again on something I've slacked off on for some time - reaching out to other bloggers. We've had several wonderful bloggers get involved as writers on our website plus help us spread the word about Power of Moms. Some of them have become my dear friends. And I'd like to gather more great bloggers to our website in various ways.

So what are some of your favorite blogs? I'd love your help identifying all the great blogs out there that go beyond the "fluff" to offer deliberate moms concrete ideas and inspiration. We'll check out the blogs you suggest and reach out to them to invite them to become writers on our site and get involved in other ways. If they live on the Wasatch Front, maybe I'll even invite some of them to attend our Retreat next weekend - we've got just a few spots left.

Sorry my posts have been so Power of Moms-focused this week. I've got great photos from the last part of our spring break trip (San Francisco) plus Mother's Day that I'll put up when I get a chance to download them - I'm sure you can hardly wait!


Nikkala said...

I'll speak up and nominate

Vennesa said...

I love
Mandi is a mom, a nutritionist and personal trainer. She blogs about healthy family friendly recipes, fitness and motherhood. At the Park City Retreat I was thinking that Power of Moms could use someone like her. She would have been a great presenter on finding time for yourself. I think you'd like her!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

A group of moms focused on positive, uplifting parenting (for both the kids and the moms!)

Myrnie said...

I am excited to go check out these blogs! I really appreciate what Carrie at The Parenting Passageway says, on Wordpress.

Anonymous said...

aside from yours and in no particular order:

They're each very different but all of them offer ideas/suggestions from time to time. Some of them simply provide that light, breath of fresh air I need during a stressful day!

Laura said... She's a homeschooling mom of 15 kids. Very encouraging blog with so much helpful info. even if you don't homeschool.

Anonymous said...

Christina said...

Meg of So Buttons has great sentiments about motherhood. I also second Bloom- love those girls.


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