Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Isaac's Birthday

Isaac's birthday was on the 19th.  We headed down to Salt Lake for the day so Jared could go to some meetings and we could do some fun stuff with just our family for Isaac's birthday.  Usually we're here for Isaac's birthday with all the cousins and relatives which is very fun since it was Isaac's 10th birthday, we wanted to make it different and special so this trip worked out great.

We started off the day telling Isaac all the details of the day he was born (we always do this with the birthday kid).  Isaac was my fastest, craziest and ultimately easiest delivery and recovery.  He was born 30 minutes after we got to the hospital and the amazing endorphins and empowering feeling of his birth got me hooked on natural childbirth.  Wow, that was a crazy and beautiful birth.

Then we visited the Beehive House and learned more about what life was like for the early settlers of Salt Lake City.  The woodwork carving in that house is amazing - I guess it's because Brigham Young was a carpenter by trade - new little fact for me.  The kind missionaries who led the tour seemed to be new and didn't have a lot of answers so I reached way back into my memories of touring that place long ago and was able to fill in some details.  Sometimes it's interesting how much you remember about random things.

We wandered through the beautiful Joseph Smith building and showed the kids the lovely ballroom where we had our big dance party after our wedding and the banquet hall at the top of the building where we had our wedding luncheon.  Plus we watched a few happy couples come out of the temple where we were married.  It was fun to take a little walk down memory lane with our kids.  And we enjoyed a birthday lunch at a table with a perfect view of the temple a the top of the Jospeph Smith Building.  The food wasn't great but to Isaac it was very fancy and very special and as tasty as can be.

Then we headed back to Bear Lake to celebrate with all the cousins and aunts and uncles.  They'd made a beautiful banner for Isaac and everyone popped out to say "surprise" and sing him happy birthday while some  uncles and aunts hoisted him up in a chair and danced him around the room.  We had a delicious dinner of Isaac's favorite burritos and then I had to go do a webinar with my parents for an hour while Shawni and Jared led all the kids in the always-exciting Candy Bar Game.  (The webinar went great.  I felt so bad leaving the party and was kicking myself for agreeing to do this webinar on Isaac's birthday - but as it turned out, he was plenty busy with the candy bar game and wasn't remotely phased when I told him I needed to leave for an hour - as usual, my guilt and worry was overblown...)

Sorry it's a bit blurry but I had to capture the moment quick!

Dance party and the banner all the cousins so lovingly made
Isaac with his favorite dinner - bean and cheese burritos
We finished off the day with brownies for a cake.  As is always with cakes I have anything to do with, the cake wasn't pretty - not even close.  But it sure was tasty.  When I asked Isaac what he wanted for a cake this year, he said he wanted brownies and said, "Mom, your cakes don't look very good but they are always super yummy and I think the taste is more important anyway."  Glad he appreciates my strengths.

I'm so grateful for Isaac.  Here are my top ten favorite things about this boy as he turns ten:

1.  Isaac thrives on hard work.  He was out there helping Jonah, Jared and Jeff work on the boat for hours on end when we first got to Bear Lake and never got tired of getting them what they needed, holding things for them, etc.  You can always count on Isaac to help anyone who needs help and stick with a job.  Plus he loves mowing the lawn - big bonus for us.

2.  Isaac has a kind and empathetic heart.  If someone is hurt or sad, Isaac is right there helping in any way he can.

3.  Isaac loves adventure and is always up for anything.  Want to go for a bike ride up a steep mountain? Sure!  Want to take care of your little cousin so her mom can go feed the baby?  I'd love to.  Want to try a 360 on the wakeboard?  Of course!

4.  Isaac is wonderful with little kids.  He's always had this natural love for babies and is amazing with all his little cousins around here.  He gets what they need and knows how to sooth and entertain them very well.

5.  Isaac gets along great with everyone - kids his age, grown-ups, babies, anyone.

6.  Isaac is very friendly and has a natural social sense.  He pipes up to add good points to grown-up conversations.  He has no fear of asking people at restaurants or stores for information.

7.  Isaac is a good friend to those who really need a friend.  He spent this past school year helping an autistic boy in his class with all his assignments and helped him to have fun at recess.  At parent teacher conferences, his teacher raved about what a good helper and friend he was to this boy.

8.  Isaac is stubborn - in a great way.  He knows what he wants and works hard to get it.  He doesn't easily take no for an answer.

9.  Isaac is loving.  He's always got a hug and an "I love you" ready for me.

10.  Isaac is very sharing.  He's always happy to give away almost anything to anyone who seems to need it.  Whenever he gets some money or candy, he offers to share it with anyone who's around.  When his cousin came to visit and didn't have enough money for an activity everyone wanted to do, Isaac immediately offered to give him $20 of his hard-earned money.

We love Isaac!!!


Rachael Patterson said...

Your children and the values you are teaching them give me hope for the next generation. What a great son you have.

Eyrealm said...

So glad to see the festivities since we missed most of this. What a great little guy Isaac is. Fun to spend the day celebrating in a way he'll never forget!

Anonymous said...

Will you tell us how to play the candy bar game? It sounds so fun! Thanks! :)


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