Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking for Pamela...

I made it to Boston!  I'm sitting here in my sister Saydi's house after a great dinner and some fun with her cute kids. I was smacked with waves of nostalgia as I got off the plane - I've arrived at the Boston Airport scores of times in the years I was a student and working here and was coming back from visits to family. In so many ways, Boston will always be a home to me.

I read a book for like 3 hours on the plane - heaven!  (The book was Whistling in the Dark - very good so far - wow, childhood is a crazy, tough thing for so many people...)  But sitting in a middle seat between two very large people on a fully packed plane wasn't my favorite thing - especially when our already-long flight was made longer by a one hour sitting-in-the-stuffy-plane-at-the-gate delay. At least I wasn't trying to keep a baby happy on my lap all that time. There are many things I'll always miss about my babies - but taking them on planes isn't something I miss.

Anyway, I announced the Retreat Giveaway winners in my last post - and sure wished I could get everyone who commented to these Retreats!  There's one comment that especially stood out to me and even though this particular commenter didn't win the giveaway, I wanted to reach out to her and invite her to come to the Chicago Retreat for free.  But she didn't leave her email address.  Here's the comment I'm talking about:
Pamela said...
Only a few short weeks ago we lost our baby boy, Bowen (stillbirth). He would have been #5. While looking for a little encouragement today, I stumbled across your the Power of Moms website. I read about the Chicago retreat and called a friend who I thought would love to attend with me and she said yes. I just love when God unfolds certain things right before our eyes.
Pamela  - I hope you'll read my blog and see this - I can't think of any other way to reach you.  Please email me at saren(at)powerofmoms(dot)come and let's get you to the Chicago Retreat!


Anonymous said...

I so hope that Pamela reads your blog and can attend the retreat. I applaud you for offering her such a gift at such a difficult time in her life. My heart goes out to Pamela and her family. Thank you for continuing to illustrate that there are so many caring, giving, good hearted moms in the world!

Eyrealm said...

Pamela, where are you? They need you at this retreat. Good on you Saren!


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