Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Learning Circle

Gratitude Day 15: An amazing group of women I get to meet with every month

Yeah, I know Learning Circles were my idea so I don't mean to toot my own horn but I'm just so grateful for my own Learning Circle group. We had our monthly meeting tonight and I just sat there and basked in the beauty of 12 women sitting in a circle, sharing all that motherhood is teaching them and talking about the specific ways their mothering contribution is benefiting society. This month's topic was "valuing motherhood" and we all left with an assignment to write down our top 10 things we love about being moms (you'll see a post about that soon) and/or to have our kids and husband each write down (or dictate in the case of little kids) a list of 5 things they appreciate about us.

We ate amazing food (brie apple potato soup is decadently delicious as is pear cake with caramel sauce - thank you Heidi!). We laughed hard. And as usual, there were a few tears.  This is the stuff a really good girls' night out is made of.


i'm h.mac said...

it was a really lovely night wasn't it? i have thought about it all day. SO glad you came up with learning circles!

emily ballard said...

Amen to the amazing food.

Hoping for less tears next time.

Rebecca said...

I love our Learning Circle too! Emily, I think it's good to shed some tears! Heidi...seriously amazing soup, rolls and dessert!!! Saren, soooo glad you have introduced the world to Learning Circles!!!!

I would send you the pic I took of our learning circle to go along with your post, but I look terrible in it, and I'm sorta vain like that:)


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