Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let it Snow - and a special gift

Last Sunday night it finally snowed (it's been in the 50s and quite balmy which felt great up until after Thanksgiving - putting up the Christmas decorations with everything green and bright outside the windows just felt a little odd).

We were reading stories when the kids gleefully shouted out that they saw snow and we decided we'd better close the book and seize the moment and sit there by the window, watching the snow fall.

The kids were excited to take pictures of the scene that felt so magical - especially the way the Christmas tree lights reflected on the window and made it look like there was an invisible tree with visible lights on our front lawn.

We sang "Let it Snow" and the words were so perfect.

Sometimes you just have to stop and watch and enjoy. Especially when snow is feeling so rare this year.

It's been back in the 50's again this week. I'm so glad we took the time to watch the snow on Sunday.

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At Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we also celebrate motherhood as we think on the hardships Mary endured to bring this special baby into the world then see Him do wonderful and hard things. I always feel an extra dosage of love and appreciation for motherhood in general at this time of year. So April and I decided to give away a free Power of Moms program to all the moms of the world who might want one. Click below for details and PLEASE share this link with all the moms you know. If all 1000 of you who regularly read this blog each sent this link to 10 friends, that would be 10,000 moms who'd be able to enjoy these great free programs that could really impact their lives and then if those 10,000 moms shared with their friends - wow . . . . Then if the 22,000 moms on our Power of Moms newsletter list each it to 10 moms, and they each sent it to 10 moms - bigger wow . . .

My greatest desire with Power of Moms is to help every mom out there get the support she needs while giving her a chance to lend her support to the other moms around them. And offering all moms a free program can not only help them get specific help through the program they select as their free program, it can also lead them to find many more helpful ideas at The Power of Moms. And if moms are supported and able to be the moms they really want to be, the future looks very merry and bright and I see a lot of peace on earth.

Anyway, here's the link. Pick a free program. Share. Enjoy!
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Eyrealm said...

Lots of snow up here too! Hooray for great programs on Motherhood!


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