Friday, January 18, 2013


We woke up this morning and quickly discovered that we have no water. Maybe the pipes froze. It's been like 10 degrees for a few days. But it was colder for longer last week so it seems odd that today would be the day they'd freeze. There are guys in orange jackets from the city out in the front yard, digging around. I'm sure the problem will get solved before too long. But wow, is this ever making me grateful for water!

I've turned on a faucet like a dozen times since waking up only to be disappointed. Jared had to forego his shower. After I go running, I'll have to forego mine until this is fixed (luckily it's so darn cold I doubt I'll sweat much). I had to forage for a forgotten half-empty water bottle to rinse Oliver's hands when he put soap on them after using the bathroom and then remembered the water problem. The toilets could sure use a flush. Brushing your teeth with no water isn't that great. I've been thinking longingly of the water storage we've got at our house in St George and that I just haven't gotten around to building up in this house yet.

How blessed are we that we can usually just turn on a faucet and have all the clean water we want and need? Our ancestors had to go haul water from wells and springs - even in sub-zero weather. People in many parts of the world still have to do the same - and often the water they have access to is dirty.

I love water. I love faucets. I love working toilets. I love showers.

Now go fill up a some empty containers with water to keep on hand in case this ever happens to you!


anna said...

Saren, I feel the same way--so grateful for simple things like being able to flush a toilet or have a drink of cold water right out of my fridge or faucet! So glad for a little bit of water storage in my basement, though. I have yet to use it for my family last summer I had just rotated out some water jugs and needed a useful way to get rid of the water. A family (not members of our ward but their daughter loved coming to Mutual with me) was getting ready to move and the water company cut their water off two days too early. She texted and told me about it and didn't know what to do. This same family had no car--long story--so I loaded up all that water and took it to their mobile home. So glad that preparedness can help us help others.

Tiffany said...

Oh I understand. Our water got shot off ALL day one day last spring. Of course it was the day I chose to work in the garden, unloading a trailer full of mulch. I was so disgustingly dirty (and stinky), I eventually drove across town to my parents to shower after the water was still not back on. Bad memories.


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