Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Screen Free Week

You won't be seeing any more new post on this blog this week. It's "Screen-Free Week" (check out great resources and ideas here). Since I'm getting ready for our big Power of Moms Retreat this weekend at my parents' house in Park City, I'll be restricting my screen time to what needs to be done to get ready for that event plus a few other necessary Power of Moms tasks.

I'm so excited for the Retreat! Many of our fabulous Power of Moms Board members will be there, I get to present with April and with my wonderful parents (something that just doesn't happen often enough), and I'll get to feel that beautiful electric feeling of love and learning and support that comes with every Retreat.

And I'm excited to be screen-free with the kids this week. We've had a little too much screen time sneaking into our afternoons and evenings and this week's "cleanse" of screen time will be a very good thing. We've got a long list of fun activities kids can choose from when they finish their homework rather than having the 1/2 hour of computer time they're usually allowed each day and we'll be playing some fun board games and reading together in the evenings when we have a little free time. I'll let you know how the week goes when it's over!

At Power of Moms, we're posting a podcast every day instead of our usual daily written posts. This way, we can support moms in being as screen-free as possible while still offering great resources that don't require a screen. Check out some of the great podcasts on our homepage this week! I've loved listening to podcasts while running, cleaning, doing laundry, driving, etc.

Signing off until Sunday!


Eyrealm said...

Great idea! Can't wait to see how that turns out!

Where are my Mary Jane's? said...

Thank you for a GREAT retreat! I love you and April and it was so good to hear from your parents again. Love you guys.


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