Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Favorite Childhood Photos

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I went back through some photos of me as a kid with my kids. Here are some favorites - just so I've got them gathered neatly in one place (blogs are so great for that!).

My blessing day (check out my mom's awesome fake hairpiece)

With my lovely, adoring mom

At our house in Virginia - I loved this green cordouroy pantsuit my mom made for me, that collage in the background is lots of views/renditions of the tower at Utah State University where my parents got engaged, and you've got to love how my parents had a round waterbed with the water sack enclosure covered in blue shag carpet to match the carpet on the floor. Big time stylish.

Me with baby Josh - loved that tree wall paper we had in our living room and the black pleather couch we had for ages

in Jackson Hole - dress styles sure were short!

I remember wearing this outfit pretty much every day for ages. The purple unitard was for dance and once I coupled that with a green wrap-around cheerleading skirt a teenage neighbor gave me (it went around me twice and then safety-pinned) and a super-crop top, I had a truly great outfit.

I was SO excited when my hair got long enough for pigtails! Just like my daughter Eliza, my hair took FOREVER to grow. I yearned for the braids and ponytails my friends had. By age 5, this was all the length I had even though I'd never had my hair (other than my bangs) cut. Oh, and I LOVED that coat - wore it for years.

 Here's one of the few pictures I've got of me with my beloved cat, Geneva. I had that cat for almost 15 years and he was the greatest cat ever. Plus I love this photo of everyone else (except maybe my dad...)

 Jumping in the leaves for Dad's birthday (with the hammock we played on all the time in the background - we'd weave our arms and legs through its ropes, then have someone flip the hammock over to see if we could stay on...)

5th grade

6th grade

  With our beloved dog, Cainie - another long-time pet who was totally part of the family.

Outtake from a family photo my senior year of high school. What awesome 80's hair I had!


charity said...

this is awesome! i'd love to go through where you are finding these pictures and find some of myself. i only know of a few pictures of me when i was little!

the family portrait had to be after your senior year in high school, right? i was 2 then.

love you!

anna said...

Great shots. Loved those teething toys and I remember when cribs looked like the one you are in. That would never fly these day! Is the picture with the leaves in Virginia? Reminds me of growing up in Falls Church--I could almost smell the leaves!

Eyrealm said...

So happy to see these pictures! Some I haven't seen forever. I don't ever remember seeing this outtake of the good old family picture. Fun to see!


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