Favorite Posts

For your reading pleasure and convenience, here are the most-read posts from the past year (oldest to newest):

Serious Excitement about Jobs and Earning Money
Summer Deals
Ahh...Bear Lake
The Grand Teton Relay
Thirteen Years - Reflections on Marriage
Grocery Store Adventures
It could be worse...
About my Sisters
My favorite things about motherhood
My least favorite things about motherhood
Moments happen when I get out of the way
Children for Children Concert
Our Approach to Christmas Presents
Our Christmas Card
A beautiful rite of passage
Is it really so hard to feed our kids healthy food?
Maybe I'm secretly French?
Why I'm going to Australia on Tuesday
Jealous Pitty Party
Q and A: Tricky Questions (can a 7-year-old know if he's gay?)
Adventures in Sydney
Amazing Mums in Sydney, Australia

And some of my most popular posts were my recipe posts that I do once in a while but I didn't include them on the list above. You can check them out here if you like (I'll get around to doing more soon - I was trying to do one a week but that sort of doesn't happen...):

Feel free to share your favorites with friends!

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