About My Family

Here's my family at Bear Lake in July 2011 (Some day I'll get around to doing a photo of our family in front of our house - maybe.  It's easiest to get photos at Bear Lake where we spend July with family - there's always someone around to take the photo):

So can you tell that some people in my family are not big fans of photo shoots?  Out of 10 photos, this is the best one we could get.  But I'm not complaining.  It used to be that we'd have to take about 100 photos to get one with everyone even looking in the general direction of the camera.

Here's a little bit about our kids: (I'm just including stuff they feel good about me including - I've left out all the negative things - but please know the info below isn't the full story!)

Eliza is eight and she's one tough, smart, kind, artistic and dramatic little princess. Liza creates several works of art each day and delights in teaching her little brothers all sorts of useful things (everything from tying shoes to reading - she's seriously taught them like 1/2 of what they know).  Silas and Oliver, our 6-year-old identical twins, are the the most loving and most wildly energetic kids anyone has ever met. Silas loves blue (if you ever wonder who is who in a photo, Silas is probably the one wearing blue).  Oliver loves green or red (same thing on photos with him).  Both twins are really into climbing everything in sight, petting every dog they encounter, building stuff with legos and k'nex, and biking (you should see them scale a mountain on those bikes - they're way better bikers than me - but that's not saying much).  Isaac is a 10-year-old who loves to work as much as he loves to play. He's a super friendly, fun-loving kid who actually loves mowing the lawn alongside riding his rip stick and doing crazy stunts on his mountain bike that scare his mom. Ashton is eleven going on eighteen.  He devours books, is a super babysitter, and has become his mom's right-hand man when it comes to computer issues plus he's already developed quite a knack for computer programming.

My husband Jared does digital marketing and computer programming.  He consults companies on their technology needs.  And he's a marvelous dad and parenting partner.  He grew up on a potato farm and cattle ranch in Idaho and he's taught our kids so much about working hard and playing hard.

As for me, when I'm not busy with my family's needs, I run this blog, a little preschool curriculum company called The Joy School Company, and spend pretty much all the time when my family doesn't need me working on The Power of Moms, the website I co-founded with one of my best friends, April Perry.  If I had a lot more hours in the day, I'd read more and bike more and hike more.  I love art and travel and beauty.

I'm the oldest of the nine children of NYTimes best-selling authors and speakers, Richard and Linda Eyre (they've written tons of great books on parenting).  If you want to check out any of my family's blogs, they're listed in the right hand column.


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