Ideas for Moms

Routines and Coping Strategies
Create a List of Daily "Must-Do's" 
Tips for Getting Through Church (happily!)
On Being Consistent
If All Else Fails, Give Up
The Beauty of Routines
Car Trips 101
Grocery Store Tips (great video included)

Becoming the Mom You Really Want to Be
Choosing My Words
Treasuring the "Doing"
A Girl's Night Out that Really Works
Finding Balance
Are you getting what YOU need out of motherhood?
Exploring My Purpose and Impact
Don't Get Cocky
Someday You'll Miss This
Favorite Things About Motherhood
Least Favorite Things About Motherhood
Moments Happen When I Get Out of the Way

Building Family Identity, Culture and Relationships
Creating an Ancestor Wall
Family Testimony Meeting
Traditions that Matter
Mommy Dates
Photo Album Magic
Laying Down with my Babies

Teaching Kids Important Principles
Raising Citizens of the World
Summer Jobs and Earning
Helping Little Kids Learn to Earn
You Can't Always Get What You Want
What Should We Let Our Kids Do?
Teaching Kids to Work For What They Want
Nurturing Creativity and Talents
Do Our Kids Need to be Excellent at Something?
Friday Q and A: Awards
Positive Reinforcement: Weekly Family Awards (links to my kids' blog where they explain things very well)
Summer Deals
Serious Excitement about Jobs and Earning Money (great video included)

Dealing with the Hard Stuff
Striving for Contentment
Life Doesn't Get Calm - so stop expecting it to!

Special Occasions and Activities
Birthday Tips
Loosli Learning Adventure Camp
A Weekend in Heaven: an annual gathering of my mom, sisters and sisters-in-law
A Typical Eyre Reunion
Children for Children Concert


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