Friday, January 16, 2009

Ollie and Si's Birthday

Oliver and Silas are FOUR! We celebrated with a big pancake breakfast, Joy School combined with a birthday party at our house, mini go-cart rides at Fiesta Fun and burgers and cupcakes to top it all off. They were so cute the whole day - so excited about everything. One thing Si and Ollie have never lacked is enthusiasm! The big kids were really sweet to them and helped make their every birthday wish come true. Here are a few pictures of the big day:
Joy School Party with Samuel, Georgia and Asia

New clothes and scooters

We sure love these wonderful little boys of ours. We still call them babies way too much - can't quite get out of the habit. But they're suddenly seeming so big and grown up! They delight all of us every day with the funny things they say and their infectious grins. I just heard Si in the other room "Come on Oliver - get a book - Mommy said we could read books - come join the fun!" And the other day when I bought those little easy-peel oranges at Costco, Oliver was helping me carry in the groceries and delightedly brought me the oranges saying "Mommy! Thanks for buying these cute widdle adowable oranges! I wuv dem so much!" Sometimes I can hardly get over how "adowable" these little guys are as they snuggle up to me to read books or say some funny thing or give me a spontaneous hug or kiss. There are still those moments when I don't feel totally in love with them - like when they move all the chairs and stools in the dining/kitchen area into a "train" for the 100th time and pull all the cushions off the couch just as visitors are about to arrive - or when they can't sit still at all for family prayer or FHE or church - or when they can't share and keep bugging each other (although this happens surprisingly infrequently) or when they get stubborn or sulky and have a melt down about some little thing (they seem to trade off being very easily offended or very particular - Ollie has several of his crying bouts or silent face-on-the-floor-refusing-to-get-up tantrums one day, Si pouts and gets super offended by every little thing the next...). But it's hard to be mad over the naughty things they do when they shuffle in on their tip-toes and say almost in tandem in their cute little voices, "We're sowy, Mommy, don't get us in twubble!" These little guys are generally so easy going and so sweet and they are more fun every day. I'm SO grateful for them.


Shelley said...

Oh I love those little guys...and can see them growing up. Each time I see them they seem a little older, a little more grown up. I miss the days in nursery when the only thing they would say was "nack" and snack time!

Eyrealm said...

Wow, these two are such a delight to all who meet them...and especially to those of us who know them! They are SOOO much fun. Nothing is more delightful than seeing them running for full blast on tiptoe to give someone a hug! Can't believe that they are FOUR!


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