Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oliver and Silas are at this great age where they've got enough of a command of the language that they are really fun to talk to and they can communicate really well - but they still have these super cute voices with their "l's" and "r's" coming out as "w's" and usually speak in a super-animated way. I love hearing how they express themselves and love how they integrate new words and ideas that they're still figuring out as they talk. Oh, I love these little boys so much! I look at them sometimes and feel so overwhelmed with joy and love for this surprise double blessing the Lord gave us and wonder what in the world I would ever do without them!

Anyway, I finally remembered to write down a few of the cute things they've said lately so here goes:

Silas at bedtime the other night as I tried to leave the room: "Wait! I need to give you a hug!"
Me: "But Silas you already gave me a lot of hugs and it's really time to go to sleep now."
Silas: "But I have to give you one more! I'm just so FULL of hugs!"
(He is so full of hugs. He comes up to me several times a day and says "big hug" and then throws his little arms around my legs. Oh, those moments make my day!)

After contemplatively looking around the chapel for a while during sacrament meeting, Oliver said in a very excited whisper: "Mommy, when I get big, I want to get the biggest, bluest scoopie (backhoe) and I will use it build more churches for everyone."

Silas in his prayer the other night:
"Thank you for Jesus to be OK after the cross. Please bless Charity on her mission to not be old so she won't die." (Silas has been thinking quite a bit about death lately after all the talk of death and resurrection at Easter. When we talked about how everyone dies someday, he got tears in his eyes and said, "But Mommy, I will miss you too much when you die!" I reassured him that I planned to be around until he was a grandpa!)

Silas went to open the door to the bathroom to go potty before bed and Oliver said "It's locked" but when Silas tried it, it opened right up. Oliver said, "Siwas, you're a genius!" No idea where he got the word genius!

More favorite phrases and activities for the twins of late for both twins:
  • "dis singy" (this thingy) when they can't think of the word for something.
  • "pwitty pwitty pwease!" when they really want something. It's pretty hard to say no to the cutest little boys with their arms thrown around your legs and their beautiful blue eyes pleading up at you and the most polite requests!
  • "midnight monsters are comming! We have to huwy!" They gleefully get ready for bed with the pressure of the "midnight monsters" helping them hurry along. I mentioned one time when they were really slow getting ready for bed that they needed to hurry or these midnight monsters would show up and eat them up -midnight monsters are only allowed to eat kids if they're not in bed and they can only come out when it's almost dark. They totally latched onto the idea and love racing to get to bed before the midnight monsters show up!
  • "wets biwd a spaceship!" They build a spaceship out of K'nex or magnets or furniture several times a day. They are SO into Star Wars and everything to do with space.
Last night we had the twins' beloved Sunbeam teachers over for Family Home Evening. You'd think the celebrities of the world had arrived when they showed up! The twins were literally doing summersaults and jumping up and down when they saw them getting out of the car. Brother and Sister Johnson (or "Sister Johnson" as they like to call the pair of them) are the nicest young recently-married couple and Ollie and Si think they are the greatest people ever (and they really are wonderful). It was so interesting to see what the twins felt they MUST show to their teachers. They showed them how they could ride their bikes with training wheels (they just figured out how to ride them proficiently last week - and Si has Liza's old My Little Pony bike and thinks it's awesome in it's pink sparkly glory. Oliver has Ashton's old yellow bike "Strecky" - it's still holding it's own!). They showed them Firehead the snake (and thought it was hilarious that Bro Johnson is terrified of snakes and DID NOT want anyone to take it out of the cage). They showed them how well they can jump off their beds (again and again and again). They HAD to show them the penguin soap dispenser we got for Christmas and that I can't put away with the rest of the holiday stuff because it's still a great motivator in getting them to wash their hands. They felt it necessary to show the Johnsons our master bathroom (which was a total mess). It's so fun and interesting to see what's really important about our house in the eyes of Oliver and Silas! Ollie and Si gave the "mini lesson" at the beginning of family home evening and talked about all the things Jesus created that they love. They pointed at different people to share what they loved about the earth and of course Brother and Sister Johnson had to share about 10 favorite things while the rest of us just got one or two turns. Silas' favorite things about the earth: cactus flowers, the ladybug we saw at the park, the blue blue sky. Oliver's favorite things: dogs and giraffes and all animals and lizards and the park.

Anyway, there are about 100 super cute things they say and do every day that I forget by the time I sit down to write them - but at least I captured a bit of this adorable duo!


Tal said...

Thanks for the quotes Saren. I am glad to keep up on the lives of you and your kids!

Eyrealm said...

This made our day up here in Toronto! Hilarious! What a fun thing to come home to!

April said...

So sweet, Saren! I love that you're capturing those little moments. In spite of all there is to do, these little ones make it all worthwhile.


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