Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Website Launch!

Life is good. After what feels like a million hours of work crammed in between kids' needs and carved out of the late night hours, my friend April and I (with lots of help from my amazingly supportive husband who turns out to be a very talented web designer) have finally "launched" our website - The Power of Moms. See the button over there in the right margin with the daisy on it? Click on it and check out this labor of love. And if you want, click here to sign up for monthly emails that will keep you updated on the latest additions to the website.

There are so many wonderful moms out there - each one learning and growing and striving and seeking. My hope is that this website will empower mothers with support and resources to help them reach their potential as mothers - and that mothers will find fulfillment in sharing their own ideas and insights through the site.

Please tell every mother you know about this website. I'm quite certain that every mother out there could find meaningful answers and great opportunities at The Power of Moms so I yearn to make it available to as many moms as possible!

Click here if you want a button for your blog or website to let people know about the site. Go to the Power of Moms Blog and see a sample Happy Mother's Day email you could send to mom friends to tell them about the site (scroll down a bit to get to the sample email text). And please let me know what you think as you explore what that site has to offer.

1 comment:

Eyrealm said...

It's on our website and in the Deseret News article last week. Getting the word out is the next hard part! It's a fabulous site!


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