Thursday, January 05, 2012


The Christmas stuff is put away (after sitting grouped together for a few days until I had time to box it up - my office looked like a Christmas shop for days). The tree is in the backyard, the pine needles are swept up and the living room is rearranged back to normal. I'm almost caught up on the most urgent Power of Moms stuff that piled up over the holidays. The sugar intake is way down, the routine is back in place, and we're all nicer people with less sugar and more sleep. The kids are back in school. There's a warm glow of happiness still eminating from the great times we had over the holidays. And randomly, it's totally warm and sunny. Feels like spring. Went for a lovely run yesterday. Weird. But nice.

Life is good.

But a couple days ago, life wasn't so good. I was trying to make Ashton's birthday special while feeling totally overwhelmed by my Christmas-shop office and the dust, pine needles, candy wrappers and bits and pieces of Christmas toys strewn throughout my house that had been sorely neglected while being in and out of town the week after Christmas. I had like 500 emails in my inbox. The kids were wound-up and/or grumpy. I had a to-do list a mile long and was worried about a lot of things that I'd put off worrying about over the holidays. And I was hormonal. Life seemed pretty darn awful.

I guess that's how life goes. Up, down, up, down. I just need to get better at remembering that things will be totally fine soon when I'm in the midst of a hard time!

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