Friday, January 13, 2012

Happiness - Part II

OK, so I've been working on happiness. And it's working.

In the last few days, I've prioritized some of the items on my happiness-inducing list in the last post and in the next few days, I'll prioritize more of them.

I went running outside in the cold on Wednesday and this morning. I was NOT looking forward to the cold or the running as I headed out the door both times, but I felt ALIVE as I ran in that cold and I felt so proud of myself when I got back home. I needed that fresh air and I needed the energy of mind, body and spirit I get from vigorous exercise (#3 and #6 from my happiness list). Plus the mountains are so pretty. And that hot shower feels so good afterwards.

I went to lunch yesterday with a couple friends and heard their latest stories and it was so nice to just talk and be out and about. I need to do that more. (#8 on the list)

I've found chunks of time to read lately and I'm almost done with Minding Frankie. There's this social worker in the book who doesn't hardly know how to smile. I don't want to be like her. We had another little read-a-thon snuggled up on my bed last night. It was so nice. That takes care of #2 and #4.

I finally put new caulk in the kids' shower. Jared drilled out the old messed up caulk about 2 months ago and it was my job to put in new caulk (I'm just a teeny bit better at neat caulking than Jared - let's just say the shelves he caulked, bless his heart, looked pretty goopey).  I've had that caulking job on my to-do list for 2 whole months and no one's been able to use that shower this whole time. I finally blocked out yesterday morning to do it. Oh how good it feels to finally accomplish something I've been putting off forever! And I listened to great music while caulking - love Pandora - love my Plain White T's station. So that took care of #7 and #9 quite nicely.

And I've got a new thing to add to my list. Here's #11:
11. Do something spontaneous that's NOT on my list and that I don't really have to do but that's just fun. Yesterday when I went to lunch, my friend pointed out a flower shop along the way that said "If your name is Oliver, come in for a free rose." I guess they put up different names there all the time. So after school, even though I had plenty of other things to do, I surprised Oliver - took him for a little drive, pointed out that sign and he was overjoyed to go in there and choose any rose he wanted. He got a gorgeous orange one and they wrapped it up beautifully for him and he was pleased as punch. I need to grab the moment and do fun little things like this way more often.

As I've been focusing more on doing the things that make me happy, I'm also realizing that it's important to simply RECOGNIZE that I'm doing things that make me happy. Then I'm happier.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't get through Happiness Project, but what I read both inspired me and depressed me. I think its great that you are focusing on things that bring you happiness, but I have to wonder if happiness is something you can put into a to do list and sustain. Sometimes it is the not so happy moments, the struggles, the harder times that make us really feel joy and happiness. As parents, we don't want our kids to be happy all the time - that would mean things weren't hard or difficult at times, there wasn't any growth. I think its the same for us - the tough times, the not so happy times make us appreciate our little slices of joy or happiness all the more - otherwise, how would we recognize happiness if we just went around HAPPY all the time. Maybe its the gratitude that brings us happiness vs just trying to force happiness. Maybe its those stressful moments that make us appreciate some precious moments lumped together in a bed by lamplight and feel happiness.

lacy said...

Um...what an awesome flower shop!

mom said...

Love your sense of always wanting to make things better!

emily ballard said...

I love #11.

And I really do love Jimmy's Flower Shop. They are the best!


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