Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happiness IV - quick thought

I just saw this pop up on Facebook. It spoke to me.

I need to live in the present. Living in the past can only offer happiness as a memory. Living in the future can only offer happiness as a hope or an expectation (and expectations can be dangerous). Living in the present and looking for the good stuff right here, right now, is a pretty good recipe for present happiness.


Rachelle said...

LOVE it! Thanks for sharing Saren!

Rachael Patterson said...

Thank you for sharing. I needed this to with my present situation. Thank you!

Emmy said...

Yes- living in the present and really being present- so my new mantra.

AmyA. said...

I read your blog often but have never left a message! I met you in Logan at TOFW. I have 2 kids with the same syndrome as Lucy. I appreciate your blog and Power of Moms. I always seem to find a little piece of positive motivation when I need it! Thanks!!


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