Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Magical Eclipse of the Sun

Last week, we had a great time watching the eclipse. Ashton researched the exact time and how to best view it and he had us all out front looking through CDs so we could see the eclipse w/o hurting our eyes (I was doubtful when Ashton told me the idea but it works GREAT!). I guess we looked pretty odd looking through CD's. We soon had quite a crowd of people out there with us, looking through our pile of CD's at the eclipse together. It turned into a fun little neighborhood party.

The shadows on the house at the peak of the eclipse were really interesting and the light seemed oddly dim.

And our own shadows got fuzzy around the edges (this is me and Isaac - and a tree).
I love love love when God puts on a show for us. His shows are the best. I love lightning and thunder. I love bright bright stars. I love it when the moon is yellow and huge and low in the sky. I love the bursting of buds in the spring. I love awe-inspiring peaks. And I love savoring all this with my kids who are so prone to awe and excitement...


Cheryl said...
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shawni said...

That was cool. And I love the CD idea.

Allyson said...

Why didn't I read about the CD trick? Ah well, next time . . . :D

Josh said...

I hope you guys' eyes are okay! CDs block enough visible light that it LOOKS safe, but they let through an unsafe amount of invisible infrared and ultraviolet light.

It was so cool from here, too. You'll have to check out the pictures I took through my solar-filtered telescope when I get them on my blog.


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