Monday, June 11, 2012

Are you a Sparky Parent?

My sister's living in London right now with her four little kids. We've loved "visiting" a lot of great places in England and France vicariously through her blog (and some day we WILL make it over there to visit all my favorite places from the years I spent in the London area growing up). We've loved seeing the castles, the museums, the green green green that covers even the tree trunks (and our cute little nieces and nephews and cousins growing up so big). But one of my favorite things I've seen on Saydi's blog lately is this "spark-o-meter" they stumbled across.

I asked my kids if I was "stodgy" or "sparky." They very honestly told me it depends on the day. I think I've been a lot more sparky this summer with our adventure camp stuff and they totally agreed with that. I think I'm going to ask my kids weekly how I'm doing on the "sparky to stodgy" spectrum and hopefully that'll bring out some more of that fun mom I always meant to be. One thing I'm really working on is saying "yes" as much as I can to our kids. It makes everyone so happy when I say yes and I've realized I say "no" when I really don't have to much too often...

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