Wednesday, August 29, 2012

External vs. Internal Change

My sister Charity is working on something I'm always working on. She's figuring out how to change her life without changing the external aspects of it. There's so much we can't or shouldn't change about our external lives - but there's so much we CAN and SHOULD change about our attitudes, our actions and reactions, our gratitude, our words. I love this quote from Charity: "isn’t it way more powerful to create a blank slate out of willpower rather than circumstance?"

Charity made a list of resolutions (many of which I'll have to add to my own list of resolutions here).

I'm going to see if she wants to follow up on each other about our resolutions. It's so easy to see what you need to change but then forget what you realized you were supposed to be doing or not doing. Having someone check up on me always helps.

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Eyrealm said...

This is a wonderful concept! Having people check on you when you're striving to do something meaningful is somehow the very best way to get it done. Charity has inspired me too. It's important to change your mind about things too, which is one of the most difficult things to do in this world. It's such a great way to test will power and agency. Well said Saren.


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