Friday, August 03, 2012

Fear Factor

OK, I called the last post "final chapter on Bear Lake" but I forgot to include one of the most fun and hilarious things we did together at Bear Lake. And my sister Charity captured it so well on her blog that I just had to steal her photos and description so I could keep a record of that fun afternoon here.

From Charity's blog (with some stuff I added in):
the grandkids participated in the first-ever eyrealm fear factor competition. it. was. stinking. awesome. my brother eli was in charge and started out the event with a little dance party to get everyone excited…IMG_6873but the kids’ faces soon turned a little worried as eli explained the game: several rounds of eating pretty gross stuff, and the last kid standing wins.IMG_6878the first round was a lemon:day3-001round two was a cup of vegetable juice, which yielded the first tears:day3-007quite a few of the kids made it to round three: seaweed. Then it was on to round four: wasabi. the twins struggled with that one:day3-002(aren’t those faces priceless??) round four was dried squid (Isaac said "Hey, I eat this at my friend Leon's house all the time"and ate it right up. But it was a real challenge for some):IMG_0810camden and his loathing for hard boiled eggs struggled a little with round 5: quail eggs:day3-003the adults and the kids that didn’t advance to the next round loooooved watching the action:2012-07-16 Eyrealm reunion 54831IMG_0873the idea of eating eyeballs got some kids a little miffed in round 6: dried anchovies - they were supposed to eat a whole pile of them. after seeing those little fish looking back at them, several kids, including the twins, decided to bow out of the contest gracefully. only 5 kids ate that pile of fish.day3-004and the five left in the final round had to chew and swallow two roasted squid (wow, are they ever chewy). eliza held her own as the only girl in the top five finalists and mckay, unfortunately, had to use the barf bucket but he was the youngest person to make it to the end:day3-005the crowd was going wild as the final five tried to get those nasty things down as fast as possible - the first to finish would be the winner.2012-07-16 fear factor 55055and isaac became fear factor champion!IMG_0901
Isaac will eat anything. And he actually likes stuff like dried squid and vegetable juice and seaweed - so this was perfect for him! He was especially proud to beat his 15-year-old cousin Max since Max was chewing like mad but couldn't quite get that squid down as quickly as Isaac.


defiant dolly said...

That would've been so easy for an Asian kid. Most of that stuff looks delicious to me. Roasted squid? Yum!

Eyrealm said...

Our minds are on the same track this morning! I just posted lots of these pics on the DN.

Joyce Sowards said...

Thanks for the laugh!! I so want to do this for our next family reunion. I'm dying to know what the prize was. :)

Rachelle said...

Love the new header and honestly you're kids are rock stars! I would have been out the first round! Charity was here last weekend and we were laughing out loud as she reenacted the details!!

Sarah said...

So cute Saren-my Isaac will eat anything also and I love that he will try new things. (Maybe he wouldn't go this far though?)


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