Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mellow Labor Day Weekend

Things have been flying at us fast and furiously lately - school starting, the Grand Teton Relay, a trip to Tennessee for Jared for work, start-up of scouts and dance and so many other things. So it worked out great to just stick around for Labor Day weekend - especially when we found out Jared's sister and kids would be coming to town.

On Saturday, we'd planned to do banana pancakes for our guests then go for a hike. But there was an amazing thunder and rain storm all night Friday night so the mountains were way to muddy for hiking and the power was out so we couldn't cook all the pancake batter we made. Instead, we wandered down to the farmer's market downtown instead and enjoyed peaches and fresh bread for breakfast before checking out all the trains at the train museum.

We visited "Ogden's famous dancing horse, Sundance" at the farmer's market (something the twins insist on doing every chance they get). He's a pretty awesome horse who can do all kinds of tricks.

We checked out all the cool painted horses in downtown Ogden and the great train station.

We wandered along Main Street - so many great little shops and restaurants and lots of street vendors on Saturday as well.

We climbed around on all the old trains at the train station (one of the kids' all-time favorite activities)

Then on Monday, Jayne visited again and we were able to do something we've been wanting to do forever - float the Ogden River. There were some mini-rapids to keep it exciting and some nice stretches of calm floating as well. The river was about 2 feet deep in the deepest places so that made it a very safe thrill ride. It was so much fun! Then we finished off with a delicious lunch at a restaurant right on the river.


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