Friday, September 14, 2012

A great video and two free books

Your Children Want You from Whittier Area Community Church on Vimeo.

I love this little video I recently stumbled upon (thanks Pinterest). I guess a church in Wittier (not sure where that is) did a special Mother's Day performance featuring a dramatic reading of a truly beautiful post by my Power of Moms partner, April, called Your Children Want YOU. It's definitely worth 6 minutes of your time. I bet you'll cry. And I bet you'll come away feeling like the great mom you really are.

While I'm talking about inspiring motherhood resources, we're giving away my two all-time favorite motherhood books at The Power of Moms. They both just happen to be my my mom but I don't think I'm particularly biased in saying that they are marvelous books with just the right mix of laughter and learning and inspiration.

Please share the link with all the moms you know!

If you want access to a bunch of my parents' great books for free, they've set up a great new website where eventually, most of their books will be available as free downloads. Only some of their titles are there now, but check it out if you love their books:

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