Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Day 4: Indiana, Ohio, Friends and a Temple

Our main experience in Indiana was the hotel fiasco I wrote about in my last post. But I'm sure it's a great place! The kids weren't super impressed when I belted out the song "Gary, Indiana" from the musical, The Music Man, as we passed Gary Indiana. But I just had to do it.

Driving through Ohio, we saw lots more farms, it was green and lush, and there were picturesque barns everywhere, mostly red ones (tried to get a decent photo but it just didn't work out - as I drive I'm always saying to whoever's riding shotgun - "grab the camera - get that barn!" but the moment to capture the shot is pretty short lived when you're going 70 mph).

Isaac did capture a couple shots of Cleveland. Sorry we didn't have time to explore Cleveland this time round....

We spent the afternoon with my dear friend Sarah who I met through her blog, Clover Lane. She's come to one of our Power of Moms Retreats and has helped promote Power of Moms quite a bit over the past few years plus she's contributed excellent posts to our site and wrote a chapter in our book, Deliberate Motherhood. But most importantly, she's become one of my favorite and best cyber-friends over the years and it was a huge treat to be able to hang out together in person and have our kids get to know each other. They hit it off right away and my kids had a really excellent time playing soccer, climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline, making fun bracelets, and playing with their dog (Oliver's favorite part) while Sarah and I talked and talked and crammed in as much as we could in our precious time together.

Eliza's photo of me and Sarah:

Ashton's version:

Then we spent a little time this evening at the Kirtland Temple - the first temple built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Saints had so very little but they gave their time and meager possessions to build what was then about the largest and grandest building in Ohio. While they lived in rickety little cabins, they built a beautiful house in honor of their God. It's a lovely, stately monument to their sacrifice and faith and the grounds around it are lovely. The kids and I read plaques about it and looked up more details on my phone and wandered through the grounds as it started to get dark. It was after hours so we couldn't go inside but we felt the power of the place and learned quite a bit through what we read.

Great little moments today:

  • The street our hotel is on is called Oliver Street. When we saw the street sign, Oliver said "Look at that! I KNEW I was important!"
  • Ashton was pretty nice to everyone most of the time today. This was a great improvement over yesterday.
  • In our family prayer tonight, Silas said "Thank you for our beautiful wonderful mommy who is taking us to so many super wonderful places and making everything so fun." So wonderful to hear that!
  • All the kids jumped in and made friends so quickly with Sarah's kids - loved seeing how friendly and adaptable and kind they are.
  • Great talks with different kids sitting in the passenger seat at various points - great little questions they've asked and good stories and laughs we've shared. I've so loved the time to just talk and follow their interests and questions with this dedicated time in the car. 

(There were plenty of not-so-great moments of squabbling and bickering and bothering each other in the car but I won't dwell on those.)

Now we're in Erie, PA having a much much much nicer hotel experience than we had last night. Yeah! Better go enjoy that nice bed over there (I'm sitting in the closet so the computer light won't affect the kids. This floor is getting pretty hard and my back aches. Enough for tonight!)


Cheryl said...

I must say I'm so envious of you and Sarah meeting, she is one of my very favorites and I would have loved to be a part of those conversations...such wisdom between you two!

Sarah said...

Hi Saren! We had so much fun and wished we lived closer...it was wonderful how our kids hit it off so quickly. And I didn't know you were going to Kirtland! My childhood home is about 10 minutes from the temple. So glad you could stop and I think we could have kept on chatting way into the evening. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah said...

And thank you Cheryl...I would love to meet you also~maybe at a retreat soon?

Rachelle said...

I too find myself wishing to be a fly on the wall for a Saren and Sarah meeting...you two are two of my favorites!! xoxo

valerie said...

Oh 2 of my favorite things...OHIO and Clover Lane!
I lived in Ohio for 8 years 45min away from Kirtland. We picked strawberries there every spring when the church made the jam from there. Love it there.

I am so sorry I am missing your retreat in Liberty. We are moving that day. But I hope you get to do some church history sites there as well.

Love hearing about your trip. Safe travels! Here's to miles of smiles! :)

Eyrealm said...

How fun to spend time with our famous family friend whom I haven't met but would love to. Rave reviews from so many family members about her blog and her lovely life style! Thanks Sarah!

Saren, hang in there baby. That hotel "event" was bound to happen at some point. Soon you'll consider it one of your best stories.

Love you all!

Cheryl said...

I would love that Sarah!


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