Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 12: FAO Schwartz and Chelsea

For our final time in NYC, Talmadge took us on a great tour. We drove down 5th avenue, enjoyed some time at FAO Schwartz, and the flagship Apple store, then headed down to Chelsea where Talmadge used to live and saw some great art galleries and other funky stuff. We took Jared to the airport (through way too much traffic) and headed for D.C. 

FAO Schwartz

The LEGO statues were pretty amazing!

Eliza and the twins LOVED the Big Piano!

Oliver loved this giant version of Isaac's stuffed animal

The Apple store

It was fun to see this Zara store right next to 500 5th avenue. Eli and Julie got engaged at the top of this building and their new daughter's name is Zara.

Flat Iron Building is beautiful.

This high-fashion store - Comme des Gaรงons - had some pretty wild stuff - ripped up fabric made into interesting dresses, crazy-looking $1000 shoes, and a backpack made of cow print fabric that Jared wanted but cost $560. Here's the entrance to the store.

This is the outside of the store - doesn't even have a sign to let you know it's a store.

This art installation had special significance to me. The lady in the gallery explained to me that it represented the idea that if you gather a circle of mothers together, they can solve all the problems of the world. That's kind of what we're doing with our Power of Moms Retreats and Learning Circles. We are gathering mothers to help them empower each other and the work they do in their homes had ripple effects that will truly change the world.

There's so much wonderful gallery space in Chelsea. I love seeing amazing creativity displayed.

We walked along the high line, a beautiful park created out of a leftover elevated railway. The landscaping and views are beautiful. I love when people make something wonderful out of something discarded.

Talmadge had to get back to work, so we said goodbye. It was so great to have some time with Tal. 

We got some tasty treats at Chelsea Market - a eclectic market made out of an old meat packing building. There were so many delicious different eateries.

We walked over to Madison Square Park and enjoyed the beautiful weather while taking turns waiting in the long line for the Shake Shack. As Jared is a big burger fan, we thought this would be the best place to have an early fathers day meal with him before he had to leave. 

Everyone agreed that Shake Shack is VERY tasty!

We got a last view of the Empire State Building as we headed back to the car to take Jared to the airport.

Goodbye NYC!

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Eyrealm said...

Totally, totally amazing! What fun! I gotta see that Chelsea Museum next time!


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