Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Night Tomorrow Night and Beautiful Blog

Yep, this is last-minute. But if any of you live in or near SLC and can get away for a couple hours tomorrow night, you won't want to miss this:

Evening of Inspiration: Peace, Purpose, Order and Joy
Across from Temple Square in downtown SLC, Wednesday, September 11th from 7-9pm

In celebration of our newly released book, several of the authors (over 60 moms helped write this book!) will be presenting some powerful ideas (speakers include my amazing mom, my wonderful Power of Moms partner, and several other top Power of Moms trainers/writers - plus I'll throw a few words in there). Plus we'll break into small groups to really learn from each other and delve into how we can move slowly but surely towards being the deliberate mothers we really want to be.

Every time I go to one of these events, I'm reminded in glorious ways why I sit here at this computer day in and day out working on Power of Moms stuff. There's just nothing like being with other earnest, deliberate moms and sharing our ideas and hopes and fears and coming away comforted and empowered. And while the online stuff is wonderful and serves so many that we just can't reach through live events, everything feels so much more real and tangible and worthwhile when I get to actually see the faces of those I serve once in a while.

One of our speakers/writers, Catherine Arveseth, just wrote this beautiful blog post where she talks a bit about the book and tomorrow night's event then goes on to offer some truly wonderful insights on deliberate motherhood. She's just an amazing writer and amazing mother (and she actually replies to all the blog comments she gets - so nice! I'm determined to start being more like her that way...). Check it out:

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kara jayne said...

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