Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Book Launch TODAY

So last year, after doing a writing contest, lots of writing of our own, and way more editing than was really good for us, April and I (well, mostly April who worked umpteen thousand hours on this) published our first Power of Moms book. It featured over 60 voices of great moms sharing their stories and ideas about deliberate mothering. We had publishers interested but decided to self-publish so we could make the book exactly what we thought it needed to be. The book did very well and spurred ever-more Learning Circles around the world (where moms get together every month to discuss one chapter of the book). For the full story about how we published this book, check out April's post here: How We Published Our Book.

Then a great publisher called Familius (they focus entirely on books that help families) came to us and asked if they could re-publish the book and help us get it to an even wider audience. It sounded like a great idea.

So today is the official launch of this freshly updated and extra beautiful book.

If you don't have a copy already, get one while the intro pricing is going on. Everyone who buys a book and send us their receipt will get our Deliberate Mothering podcast series for free (usually $20). Details are explained at this link:

And if you live anywhere near SLC, you won't want to miss the chance on the evening of September 11th to come hear powerful stories from some of the authors of this book (including my amazing mom, Linda Eyre, and April who'll fly in from California for this). We've worked to get some sponsors for this event so it only costs $22/person to come. Please come and please spread the word!

Evening of Inspiration: Peace, Purpose, Order and Joy - September 11, 2013 in downtown Salt Lake

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Cheryl said...

So exciting! I wish I could be there on September 11th, sounds so wonderful!


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