Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Week of School in Eliza's Words

Eliza wrote a great journal entry about the first week of school and I invited her to type it up for the blog. She captured our crazy fun week very well and included some important things (like the Raingutter Regatta) that I haven't gotten around to blogging about.

This is what happened this week:
  • a tractor dug up our backyard
  • we got a tube through our dirt hill
  • we got a trampoline
  • we started school
  • we went to my grandma's house for my cousin's wedding
  • we had a church party
  • I had a violin lesson
  • I started dance classes
  • I had Activity Days
  • Ashton made the volleyball team
  • the twins had their Raingutter Regatta for scouts
  • and a bunch of other awesome stuff
Now here's a more detailed explanation:

Our backyard was just weeds, weeds, weeds (really bad ones with thorns) and a big hole and a dirt pile so it wasn't very exciting (well, the twins thought it was really exiting) My dad rented a tractor and put an attachment on the tractor that pulled up all the weeds. Then we just had a dirt hill and a hole. Then my dad got a big pipe that he put through the dirt hill so we could crawl through it (we got that idea because the twins and their friends kept trying to dig tunnels through the dirt hill). Then we put wood planks and mesh stuff around the edges the hole to keep the dirt from caving in, then we built the frame of the trampoline and put it in the hole, put on the springs (that part was really hard), attached the black part and then the pads and we have an awesome in-ground trampoline!!! (after wishing for one and working for one for about two years!).

The first week of school was great. I had my first class, science, on the first day with Rachel, my best friend. Then I had my second class, music, with my other best friend, Sophia. Then we went to recess. I saw a girl sitting on the playground alone. I talked to her, and found out that she is new to the school. I played with her a lot more, and found out that she is really nice. Now we're  friends. My third class was math, and my fifth class was Spanish. My Spanish teacher is really great - and funny!!! On the second day of school, I had all of the same classes, except instead of Spanish, I had social studies (every other day I have social studies). I got to start dance class again. I do Virginia Tanner Dance and it's SO fun. There are nice girls in my class and  At the end of dance, mom picked me up and we hurried to the church to watch the twins' raingutter regatta. They were SO excited about their boats - they worked really hard on them Silas got 3rd place, and Oliver got 2nd place I think.

On the third day, my new friend that I met on the playground  - Skye - switched lockers, so now, hers is close to mine!!! Plus Rachel moved her locker by mine too!  After school on Wednesday, I had Activity Days at church and then my violin lesson (I really love my teacher and I've learned a lot of songs even though I've only had lessons for 2 months. I get to play my mom's old violin and I love it - I named her Violet).  Then we packed up went to my Grandmas house. My cousin Megan's wedding was on Thursday it was at the Rexburg temple, and it was fun. Her dress was really pretty. It was kind of a rainy day but that made it really pretty. I liked how she had her reception in a really pretty old barn and I helped make sandwiches at the reception.

We had to drive back Thursday night because Dad had to go to work. We got home at like 1:00 am so my mom let us sleep in on Friday and we went to school late but that was OK.

The first week was awesome!!!!!!!!


Eyrealm said...

Love this post! Seeing it through Eliza's eyes is so fun! said...

Eliza writes very well. It was a joy to read this informative and fun post.

It seems to me that this is a particular talent of Eliza's. Knowing you - through following your blog - I reckon that you are probably aware of this and encourage her lots already. Maybe it would be fun for her to start her own (password protected) blog for friends and family?

Kathryn said...

Nice reporting, Eliza! Have a great year!


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