Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life's been fast and crazy lately and it doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon. It's been a huge roller coaster ride with various things that have come up, but things are looking much better now and I'm feeling more excited about my life than I have in a long, long time.

Last weekend we celebrated Jared's birthday #2 since his birthday gets sort of swept under the rug a lot on New Years. We had a special breakfast, went for a gorgeous hike in Zions and had a nice lunch in Springdale near there and had a few friends over for a dinner party and game night that night.
On Friday Jared was in Vegas all day for meetings with some promising new clients and after a big fancy dinner with salesmen and clients, he didn't get home until 2am (I talked to him most of the way on the phone to keep him awake). Then this weekend Jared's best man from our wedding, Derek Ransom, is in town so they went for a fun, crazy mountain bike ride on Saturday (Jared went over the handlebars SEVERAL times and is limping around and scraped up but he's OK - I can't believe he dares to do this stuff on his bike!). They're doing another ride tomorrow and we'll do a hike with Derek's family and ours which should be fun. Last night Jared and I went to see "O" (a Cirque de Soleil show) in Vegas as Jared's big birthday present and it was an amazing spectacle - how in the heck do they come up with this stuff? The acrobatics and diving and sets and costumes were all amazing - and once we gave up trying to come up with any sort of meaning for the seeming symbolism of what was happening on stage, we were able to just let it flow and really enjoy it - even though we were so tired. We got some dinner after the show, enjoyed watching the crazy people who are always to be found in vegas, and got home close to 4am. It was so fun to go on a "real" date and really have some good time together. It was so stressful setting up babysitting (as always) but things worked out in the end with one of my young women doing the bulk of it and Jo and Aja helping out as well (thanks guys!) and it was so worth it. Jared and I have just realized lately that we simply must get out on dates and court each other more and this was a great first date since this resolution.

So with these last two really late late nights plus a lot of late late nights earlier in the week, I'm starting to get that groggy dreamlike feeling I remember from when Jared and I were first really moving forward with our relationship 10 year ago. But we did take big naps today and we'll get everything back on track this week. I do love this husband of mine so much and we've spent a lot of time really talking and figuring things out this week and our relationship is feeling renewed and exciting which makes me so happy. Better head to bed!

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shawni said...

Sounds SO fun, Sar. Man I've wanted to see "O" for so long. What a great post-b-day celebration. Let's talk tomorrow. Love you.


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