Thursday, May 15, 2008

Graduations Galore

So this week is all about graduations. Isaac had his 1st grade graduation on Monday, Ashton had his 2nd grade graduation on Tuesday and Eliza graduated from Little Einstein's Preschool today. They all did very cute singing and dancing programs and quite a few bilingual songs (Liza's preschool is into the bilingual stuff too). Wow - these kids are growing up! Here are a few favorite photos of the big events and a couple good video clips.
Isaac with all the kids his two teachers, Ms. Bosworth (Spanish) and Ms. Trimble (English) teach. Is it just me or is he by far the star of the group?

Jacob, Michael, Angel, Juan, Jair and Isaac. These guys are pretty darn rowdy at recess and sometimes in class and Isaac got a pink slip the other day for too much rough play - they've got a highly energetic group in that class this year!

This was my favorite song to showcase Isaac's super enthusiastic and loud singing. Check it out:

Justice, Lilly, Eliza, Olivia, Easton and Ashton (I know, another one!)

Eliza with her beloved "Miss Kelly" - such a fun teacher who taught them all to sing with her thick southern drawl! Check out this video clip - you can't hear the southern drawl here because it's Spanish (maybe Spanish-speaking people can hear it) but I had to put this in because it's cute to hear them singing in Spanish and the little boy on the left is hilarious to watch.

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Sleepless In St. George said...

such a cute program and we loved Miss Kelly! Easton is going to miss being in class with Eliza, he hates to admit to his brother and friends how much he really likes her!


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