Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Pets!

OK, it's been a while and I'm anxious to do a post on the wonderful anniversary we had last week. But since the kids are dying to share information and photos of their beloved new pets, I thought I'd better start with this. A couple weeks ago now, Isaac spotted a large snake (turned out to be a gopher snake we think) in the street and Jared, Ashton and Isaac caught the thing (it wasn't easy - that snake wrapped itself around the trunk of a bush and held on really tight!). So now we've got a beautiful 4 ft long snake named Firehead who's become a beloved member of the family. He's (or she?) is very entertaining and calm and interesting and loves to ride around like a scarf on anyone who's willing to let him. So far Firehead has entertained us by shedding his skin and eating a live mouse. And last week he thoroughly delighted the kids in Ashton's class during show and tell (other than the one girl who had to go in the other room because she's mortified of snakes).
Then the next week, we went on a hike in Zion and found another new pet - a horny toad named Spike. Everyone's quite attached to him too and I have to say he's pretty cute in his funny-looking spikey way.
Reptiles are great. They are clean and almost never need their cage cleaned out. They only eat once a week or so. They make no noise. They're very interesting. They don't bite. They don't smell. If you feel you've had enough of them, you can set them free to "go back to their families who surely miss them." And so far they don't escape - keeping my fingers crossed on that one!


brittanimae said...

Ack! I would be afraid the snake would strangle me! *admires her cousin's ability to raise children AND pets*

Eyrealm said...

This sure beats kitty litter and a ton of dog food! Cute little critters!


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