Sunday, February 01, 2009

Phoenix for MLK Weekend

On the way to Phoenix - some gorgeous scenery to make the long ride pretty nice

A couple weeks back, we made the trek down to Phoenix to see the wonderful Pothiers and enjoy a great MLK day with them. Shawni and I took the little kids (Claire, Liza, Ollie, Si and Lucy) to this amazing children's museum in downtown Phoenix while Jared and Dave took the big kids to a new Rec center near them where they had a wonderful time doing the rock climbing wall and playing basketball. Shawni and I celebrated MLK day by randomly ending up in a downtown Phoenix park where we were the very only people without black hair. There were all these people having parties all over the park and as the kids were playing on the play structure, the twins somehow wandered off and joined somebody's party - after about 2 minutes, I started to get panicy about where they were and they came back with candy in their mouths, asking if they could go back and go on the bouncy castle one group had rented for their party. I'd love to know what the party hosts thought of these random white-haired boys deciding to join their party!
Liza and Claire selling pretend ice cream at the children's museum.
Liza and Claire had so much fun being together!Liza playing with air and tubes - this museum was so much fun!Liza and Claire playing in the super fun "Noodle Forest"

One of the big highlights of the trip was going to Josh's house to watch a movie on his wonderful new TV with great surround sound and going to Josh's school. The kids absolutely loved hanging out with the geese and chickens and horses and especially the miniature horse at the school. That mini horse was so patient with the kids and gave all of them bareback rides and they were in love.

Ashton with Max and Elle - a little large for that horse?Most of the kids (and a goat) at the barn at Josh's school

We hung out in Josh's classroom and the kids all wished they could be in Josh's class. Josh has fixed up his classroom so perfectly - painted the walls, installed a loft area for reading (with 6 computer stations underneath), put in a projector and screen, so he can do great stuff off the internet with the whole class, set up a nice couch area for group work and reading - I sure wish my kids had a classroom like that - or more importantly, a teacher like that! (And so do they.)

In Josh's classroom - wonderful reading area on top of computer stations -
ingeniously created out of loft bed frames

The Pothiers and Josh were excellent hosts and we all had so much fun being together. It was so good to see everyone in their element and learn more first-hand about their regular lives.

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Eyrealm said...

So fun to see this! It added some things that Shawni hadn't mentioned! So great to see you two families and Josh enjoying each other so much!
Love you, Mom


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