Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where Children Sleep

It was wonderful to see SO many great blog posts and stories on Entitlement yesterday.  Here are a the great things people shared in their posts:

As a great tool for helping our kids realize how blessed they are, Chrysula linked to this great photo essay at the NYTimes showing children around the world and where they sleep - the kids and I learned so much looking at these photos and had some great discussions.  They show everything from a little boy who lives in a makeshift shack on top of a garbage dump to a pageant-queen 4-year-old with her decked-out princess bedroom: Where Children Sleep

My sister Saydi posted a great photo of serious entitlement courtesy of Pottery Barn along with great commentary in her post about Entitlement Awareness Day: Seriously Pottery Barn?

Whitney Johnson offered great insights (as always - she always makes me think) and a great story about her daughter in her post: Dare to Dream: The Entitlement Trap

The drawing for THIS GIVEAWAY for those who purchase The Entitlement Trap closes on September 1st. So get your book at a great deal and enter the giveaway asap.  If you want to buy extra books as gifts, each pre-ordered book does give you an additional entry into the giveaway.

P.S.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day that I have time to put up photos and info on our crazy exciting relay race weekend.  Soon, soon, soon.

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