Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Children for Children Concert

What a night we had on Monday night!

Over 150 people showed up at the beautiful old church that our friends down the street are converting into a community center. It was the ideal location - big enough that we could tell all our friends and relatives to invite all their friends and relatives and just a lovely setting that my kids were so excited about. I was really touched to see how many people showed up and how many cute kids got up in front of everyone to share their talents and how much money we were able to raise to help the orphans in Bulgaria.

Ashton did a wonderful job as the Master of Ceremonies and Nativity Play Narrator. Isaac was great at greeting people and was an excellent Joseph in the play. Eliza kept all the little angels in line and did a great job delivering her "head angel" lines. The twins were great innkeepers and shepherds. And they were all over the moon about the whole thing. Even though there's more work and stress involved in "leading from behind" and having the kids run the concert this year, there was nothing like seeing the sense of ownership, accomplishment, pride and joy that they all felt on Monday night. The kids worked hard to come up with the list of everything that needed to be done before and during the concert and divided up responsibilities, giving me a list of things they needed me to do.  Ashton set up a Facebook Event page, made invitations to pass out, responded to all texts and emails and phone calls about the event, etc. They were all excited to have important roles.

Here are some great shots of the concert thanks to my great photographer-friend Rebecca Malouf:
We started off with a video about the orphans who would be benefiting from the concert.
Then we had lots of wonderful kids' performances.

This quartet sang beautifully!

These little tiny boys melted hearts with their rendition of "I am a Child of God"

This little girl sang like an angel
The grand finale was a little Nativity Play that about 40 kids participated in:

Everyone put a donation in the amount of their choice into this box.
Some kids gave the pennies and nickels an dollar bills they'd been saving all year
(We did a LOT of counting of change after school yesterday! The kids had fun with it.)  
The setting couldn't have been more perfect -
thanks Chris and Paige and Sprout Utah for providing this perfect place!
And after the concert, wow, I wish everyone could see the excitement here at our house as the kids counted out the money that was donated. $1600! A new record! Plus that money will be matched by the Eyrealm Foundation so we'll actually be able to give $3200 to support TWO orphanages in Bulgaria this year.

Here's the 3-minute video we showed at the beginning of the concert (photos I took when I was in the orphanages in Bulgaria a few years ago - I went on a mission there and have been involved in One Heart Bulgaria for years, trying to continue the work I started in orphanages 20 years ago). It's a nice thing to watch with your kids if you want.  I can't watch it without tearing up. I wish I could do more for those sweet children!

(If you want to join in, you can show your kids the photos and video above and donate money online by clicking HERE and including "children for children" in the notes section as you make your payment in PayPal. This way, your donation can be part of our overall donation and can be matched by the Eyrealm Foundation.) 


kati said...

This is so great! Thanks for the inspiration, we will be doing our first children for children show on the 19th. I hope it turns out well!

charity eyre wright said...

def. teared up at this sar. you guys are the coolest! so excited to spend Christmas with you. love you so much.

April Perry said...

Wonderful! I love this.

jo said...

Well done Loosli Kids, you raised a ton and looks like everyone had a great time.
I can't make the video work x

bostonshumways said...

way to go sar! We did one too this year, though it was much more modest. but the spirit of giving was thick. everyone felt it and boy did it feel good.

Rachelle said...


Shawni said...

Wow this is amazing Sar! You never cease to amaze me with what you can pull off. love you.

Sees-the-day said...

Bravo Saren and FAMILY
Tova e strahotno i vsichki detza shte sa mnogo blagodarni v Bulgaria.

Mnogo ste gotini!!!!

Tiffany said...

Wonderful! So glad to have been a part of it. A great Christmas tradition--hope we'll be invited again next year, because we all decided to be better prepared to participate!

Heather said...

One Heart Bulgaria is so close to my heart, and I contribute whenever I can. I hope to go to Bulgaria when my little ones are grown up (I've got 3 under three, I don't know how you do what you do!!!)

I am a frequent reader of Shawni's blog and a big fan or your parents' books as well, so happy to see you have a blog too!

I will be sending this link to all my friends encouraging them to give.

kati said...

ok.. now our concert is over.. how do I get the money to One Heart Bulgaria? or to your foundation? thanks for the help


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