Sunday, February 26, 2012

What would you learn if you watched your life on video?

First of all, thanks with all my heart for the kind, kind comments and emails I received on that last post. I've got some pretty wonderful readers.

In church today, we were discussing how important - and how hard - real progression can be. Someone made a comment that struck me. He shared a story about about a runner who was trying to shave off a minute or two of his time as he prepared for a big race. He kept trying to just run faster but was quite stuck as far as his time. He decided to have someone film him running so that he could watch himself, analyze his own form and his stride, and figure out how he could run faster. It's so important to our progression to step back and try to get a real "read" on the effectiveness of what we're doing. Short of setting up a camera to video all that we do and then watching to see where we could improve, it's hard to figure out how to really see what we're doing wrong or what we're doing fine but could do better. Honest and real feedback is a hard thing to find in this world - but when we can get it, it's such a valuable thing.

Thanks for the honest feedback on my blog and on what you see of me through my blog. Thanks for keeping it to positive feedback given my somewhat fragile ego when I wrote that post. Even though purely positive feedback doesn't give you all the info you need to really progress, it can sure help you realize the great things about where you are and give you the energy to move forward further.

This week I'm going to pretend I've got a camera on me and really think about what I'd be seeing if I watched that footage. It's worth a try.

Thanks again for your kind words.

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Kris M. said...

Love this is just perfect for a Monday morning. I love this whole concept. Thank you, thank you. Of all your family's blogs, I can really relate to yours the most.


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