Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beauty at Bear Lake

I don't know whether I think this place is so beautiful because it is so tied in with great memories and relaitionships for me or whether it seems extra gorgeous because I'm simply outside so much more here than I am in my regular life or whether any random person who came here would find this to be a extra pretty place.

I only have my phone for a camera up here but here but even without fancy photo equipment, I think these photos capture a decent piece of the beauty we're experiencing here.

Eliza has taken a photo of the sunset every night here. She's captured some great stuff:

I love how my whole family is really into nature's beauty. We always point out the beauty we see to each other and that makes us all extra-aware and extra-appreciative. Maybe that's another reason Bear Lake is so beautiful to me.

Here's a little group watching the sunset - and interviewing Isaac on his life right now. I'm so grateful for how all my siblings and their spouses show such interest in my kids and give them so much positive reinforcement while we're together.


Cath said...

Gorgeous. I love your bear lake days. Planning to see Saydi Friday. Hooray! Miss you Saren. xo

Eli said...

Beauty photos Sar! It was so fun seeing you and your fam. You guys are the best!

Rebecca said...

BeaUtiful! I am in love with clouds. I think someday I will become a cloud painter:)


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